Crimping Insulated Butt Connectors

In general, crimping is an action of creating a connection between two wires into an insulated butt connector. There are many car stereo installations that depend on crimped butt connectors. By using this method, there is no need for soldering and it can provide a good connection in a fraction of the time of traditional soldering. You can do it by yourselves as this project is easy to do using minimal tools. It is not hard at all to perform this task, just some extra attention and care and in no time, the task will be completed successfully. So, here are the steps on how to crimp insulated butt connectors.

You will need:

  1. 2 Stranded Wires Of The Same Gauge To Be Connected
  2. Combination Of Wire Stripping Or Crimping Tool
  3. 1 Insulated Butt Connector For Each Connection

Insulated Butt Connectors


  1. First, get to know with your combination wire stripper or crimped tool (something that you can use to crimp the butt connectors). You will see a series of openings that are used to strip wire insulation, which are placed closest to the handles. You will see the difference of the crimping jaws for different wire gauges on the opposite end.
  2. Then, check the gauge of the wire to be crimped. Close the handles of the combination wire stripping/crimping tool. Make sure they are well closed.
  3. Proceed to place a wire end perpendicular to the opening of each opening and examine it from the opposite site of the tool until there is less insulation material on the wire end. You should then determine the right size of insulated butt connector. This will be determined by your wire gauge in the previous step.
  4. Next, go ahead and strip about half inch insulation from one end of both wires to be connected. Squeeze the jaws of the appropriate gauge of wire stripper for each wire end to be connected. Yank or tug the pliers away from the wire until the piece of insulation jacket is removed.
  5. Continue to twist the wire ends strands by placing one stripped wire end between your index and thumb finger either counterclockwise or clockwise. The twisted end wires will fit into the butt connector.
  6. You should then take each wire end into the insulated butt connector by twisting the wire into the connector in an opposite direction of how the wires were twisted. Then, crimp each end of the butt connector. Apply gentle pressure to the two appropriate gauge of crimping notches placed with one end of the insulated butt connector between.
  7. You will not be able to pull the wire off from the butt connector after you have removed it from the crimper if you have crimped it properly. You can use heat gun or hair dryer to seal the connection if the insulated butt connector has heat-shrinkable insulation. Wrap the completed connection with electrical tape around for protection of the connection.

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