Holiday Table Centerpiece Ideas

Having a wonderful holiday table centerpiece will definitely delight not only you and your family, but also your guest who are enjoying your company during the festive season. Whenever you are using any type of centerpiece ideas, which are nice to look at will make your holiday dessert appearing more irresistible. You need to be creative in order to make beautiful homemade table decorations using the materials you already have around your house. Below are some of the examples that you can use to create your own holiday table centerpiece for your dining table.

What you need to do:

  1. Snowman ornament
  2. Side table or coffee table
  3. Three large candy canes
  4. Bright red ribbon
  5. Candy basket
  6. A bed of green holy
  7. Chocolates, mints, or roasted cashew nuts
  8. Holiday cake
  9. Candied angelica or piped icing
  10. Tiny red candies
  11. Holly ribbon
  12. Narrow red ribbon
  13. A few red pipe cleaners
  14. Small flowerpot or similar container
  15. Sand or pebbles
  16. Plain red wrapping paper
  17. Winter berries or bittersweet
  18. Vase or bowl


  1. For Christmas holiday season, you can create a miniature snowman ornament, which would be a nice decoration on a small table next to your almonds for your guests or even place it on a side table or coffee table.
  2. You can also decorate three large candy canes together by tying them up with each other using a bright red ribbon forming a tripod supporting a candy basket over a bed of green holy. It is recommended that you use quality chocolates, mints, or roasted cashew nuts together in a basket, which also can be used as a wonderful centerpiece decorated on your dessert table.
  3. Apart from that, you can also use your dessert as table decoration by adding attractive holly cake, which you decorated with either candied angelica or piped icing for the leaves along with tiny red candies for the berries.
  4. You can also create artificial candle shades and place-card baskets by using inexpensive holly ribbon, some narrow red ribbon, and a few red pipe cleaners. Use tiny holly wreaths to decorate the stemware while a small red candle will provide an intimate lighting in order to create a vintage holiday table decorations.
  5. Another idea for your centerpiece is to use a small flowerpot or similar container where you will fill them up with sand or pebbles to “weight” it down. Once finished, you need to put a branch of evergreen (such as pine leaves and branches) setting it upright just like a little tree. After that, you have to cover the flowerpot using plain red wrapping paper or any color of your choice.
  6. Besides that, you can also use sprigs that has the same color as the green pine and lay it on your dining table on the tablecloth along with a pleasing addition of bright red apples to make holders for green (or white) candles of a suitable size.
  7. For Christmas holiday, you can use winter berries or bittersweet and put it in a vase or bowl, or even use a little basket that you place on a mat of cedar or pine.

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