Daytime Home Security Ideas

Home security is important whether it is during the daytime or the night. Most of us think that, house break-in normally happens during the night. This theory is not true because house break-in occurs frequently during daylight as compared to night time. Houses where two working parents or even homes that only have elderly people will always be vulnerable to criminals. Therefore it is important for you to protect your house with home security no matter what time of the day it is so that you will feel secure to leave the house and do your daily task accordingly.

What you need to do:

  1. Window and door locks
  2. Front door caution
  3. Garage doors
  4. Maintain your landscape, gardens and trees
  5. Prepare your own property record list
  6. Observation
  7. Take extra precaution when on vacations

Daytime Home Security Ideas


  1. Firstly, you can use a dead bolt to protect and lock your front door, windows and also patio door window. Make this a habit whenever you are away as well as when you are at home for safety reason. Choose suitable and reliable locks from your local home improvement stores or hardware stores.
  2. Remind yourself and your family members not to open your door for anyone or stranger unless you really know the person even if the person wears uniform such as the local council city worker or even the law enforcement officer until you really sure who they are by showing their official badge. Besides that, you can also verify their visit with their office whether they are supposed to be visiting your house or not and if you find out that they are not supposed to be at your place then you should notify the police immediately.
  3. If you have a garage, always make sure that its door are closed all the times even if you are not using it. If it is left open, thieves will always take the opportunity to enter the garage without you noticing their present. When you enter the garage after returning from work or after doing some errand, you must wait and watch the garage door to close all the way before you start to go into your house. Intruders always take the opportunity to trip your garage door sensor and follow you in when you least expect it. It is recommended that you take along with you the garage door opener into your house and not to leave it inside the car because burglars normally breaks-in the cars in the driveway, look for garage door opener before entering the house the easy way.
  4. If you have bushes in your front garden, make sure to trim it down so that it will not conceal your house front door or even the window. Bushes, which are not well taken care of, will be the hide out for thieves before they try to break-in to your house.
  5. You can also keep track of your property with a record list containing all of your valuable belongings just in case they are stolen thus providing the police an easier task to try to recover the valuables with its detailed description. If possible, you must also include information such as the make, model, color, serial number as well as photographs of all the valuables in your house.
  6. Besides that, you should also beware of strangers and also unknown vehicles that are entering your neighborhood. You can inform the police if you notice there are vehicles with suspicious people sitting inside the car, anyone who takes pictures of house or vehicles belonging not only to you, but also to your neighbors. This also include unknown cars that do not move and park on a private land or even abandoned vehicles, which are being left unattended within your area. For this kind of cases you can inform your local code enforcement office for them to take further action on the matter.
  7. Whenever you are away for a long time, inform your newspaper senders not to send any newspaper until you are back and also do not leave your newspaper in the driveway as well as your trash on your curb for more than one day giving any thieves the thought of you are not at home. If possible, you can ask your trusted friend or relatives who live nearby to pick up your mails and take a look at your house while you are away.

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