Decorate your Kitchen with Vaulted Ceilings above Cabinets


In most household, you will find that most of their kitchens have limited space when it comes to decorating elements within the room. This is commonly due to their kitchen walls already containing kitchen cabinets and other related appliances. For those of you who have vaulted ceilings, you should consider them as a bonus because you can do lots of thing with this area. You can look for any decorating style that suits your kitchen especially if it fits in nicely into the area. Your high vaulted white ceilings above the kitchen cabinets can be turned into warm, rich colors with unique design or you can even paint them using a darker tone than your kitchen walls in order to make it look a little bit downward. In addition, you can also place collections of decorative baskets, dishes as well as other accessories above your kitchen cabinets or install shelves or hooks for displaying some of your decorative items.

To decorate kitchen with vaulted ceilings above cabinets, you need:

  • Copper tubs
  • Baskets
  • Vintage dishes
  • Platters
  • Dried flowers
  • Theme pieces

Decorating Kitchen with Vaulted Ceilings above Cabinets

How to Decorate your Kitchen with Vaulted Ceilings above Cabinets

  • First thing that you need to do is to determine the style that you want to apply into your kitchen especially when it comes to decorating the area with decorative theme.
    • For example, if you want to create a cottage or French country theme, you can make use of copper, baskets and vintage dishes.
    • For those of you who like to only create minimal look, you can add a simple glass vase along with modern flower arrangement.

It is recommended that you use a collection of small items or you can also use only one or two large item to be displayed on top of your kitchen cabinets of within the vaulted ceiling area.

  • Another option that you can do is to place three to five large and colorful platters right on top of your kitchen cabinets or you can even hang them on your kitchen wall.
    • If you are using collection items, it is recommended that you use odd numbers such as three items in order to create a much pleasant look to the area because three items will always be more attractive to view rather than using only two pieces.
  • For those of you who have a large copper tub, you can simply fill it using dried or silk flowers in order to create a warmth country style kitchen in your house.
    • Apart from that, you can also place your flowers into jars or baskets.
    • Always make use of large or vertical arrangements that can fill up the area within your kitchen cabinets to your vaulted ceilings.
    • If your vaulted ceiling is high, you might need to look for larger items because if you use small decorative items it will look odd and misplaced.
  • On top of your kitchen cabinets, you can scatter some of your ironware collection as well as vintage dishes.
    • If you have variety of dishes like teapots, urns and bowls, it will look much more interesting rather than having only one type of item displayed in the area.
  • You need to select one or two pieces that relate to the theme that you have chosen. For example, you can add roosters or other item that can add charm to your kitchen room.
  • Another creative way to decorate your vaulted ceiling above your kitchen cabinets is to add fun word such as “House Restaurant” or “Cafe” in order to incorporate all your collectible items together with some green plant.
    • It is also good to consider having green plant with trail that you can let down in certain corner of your cabinets that can certainly attract the eye of your guest not only to the plant but also to the decorative above the cabinets.

For those of you who have squared cabinets or plain on top of it, you can simply add molding on top. Apart from being inexpensive, it also creates a more substantial look to the area above your cabinets.

Always remember that whenever you want to decorate a kitchen with vaulted ceilings above cabinets there will always be dust that accumulate on anything that you place on top of your cabinets. Therefore, make sure that you choose material that can easily be clean just by dusting, washing or vacuum.

  • Also make sure that the pieces that you choose can be changed occasionally according to your interest as well as for holiday celebrations.

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