Tips on Decorating a Gray Kitchen


Most of us feel that gray color is a boring and distasteful color to choose for in a kitchen room. This perception is not true because gray color is a very supportive to most of the color available. It helps you to create a two-tone color scheme to blend in nicely thus enabling your kitchen room to stand out in the eyes of your guest. In addition, with unique and innovative ideas of using appropriate kitchen appliances as well as decorative elements, you would be able to turn a simple kitchen area into a more vibrant environment for cooking, preparing meals or even for having meals with your families and friends.

To decorate a gray kitchen, you need:

  • Colored appliances
  • Colored dinnerware
  • Curtains
  • Stencils
  • Wall border

Decorating a Gray Kitchen

How to Decorate a Gray Kitchen

  • First thing that you need to do is to place your colored appliances or dinnerware in suitable location on top of your counters and kitchen walls in order for you to complement any of the gray areas within the kitchen.
    • You will notice that lots of colors blend in nicely with the gray color.
    • As for appliances and dinnerware in gray color is not too complicated to look for. This type of appliances and dinnerware should be displayed in plain view so that you can balance the elements of gray that you are using in your kitchen room.
    • Some of the example colors which are suitable with gray color are black, red, blue and maroon.
    • Another item that is practical for you to use is glass and chrome. Both of these items works very well against the backdrop that uses gray color.
  • Other items that you can consider to use and would be able to easily complement the gray color are hanging curtains which will be the secondary color scheme.
    • The curtains that you want to use should be solid colors or patterned.
    • Using curtains that hang in a certain area within your kitchen room would make a big impression on the general look of the area. Therefore, the curtains that you use should be able to complement all the gray elements that reside in the kitchen area.
  • For kitchen walls that have gray colors, you can design them with specific pattern using a stencil without the need to paint it.

If you have gray colored wall in your kitchen, you will find it very hard to complement it with other element because your gray walls cover quite a large area. However, by creating stencil design on the gray wall will help you resolve the problem plus also you need to have matching color appliances or dinnerware to make it even better in terms of look.

  • Another method that you can use is to have additional contrast of border lines to your gray walls.
    • You simple need to use self-adhesive border designed with solids or patterns around the wall’s edge in the kitchen. This will create some color onto your walls gray scheme.
    • You can also make use of floral wall border as the secondary color in order to complement the neutral characteristics of your gray wall kitchen.
  • Gray colored kitchen room should be complement with warm color in order to create balance within the room.
    • It will look remarkable when you exploit the gray color with certain color such as orange, yellow or citron green.
    • As for creating a much softer look to your gray kitchen, you can simply use color like warm taupe, ivory or chocolate brown.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate your gray kitchen is to apply light sources namely table lamps, sconces plus also floor lamps.

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