Decorate an Open Shelves near your Kitchen Window


In order to display any of your collectible items, the open shelving concept near your kitchen window will definitely help in creating attractive display. Not only that you would be able to display your treasured collection, but also other useful items as well as decorative items. Open shelve concept can help you display things according to your creativity. In order to do decoration to your open shelves located near your kitchen window, you can make use of the natural light or even your existing dining area setting to make it look nice and attractive.

To decorate open shelves near kitchen window, you need:

  • Doily
  • Assorted dishes
  • Bud vase
  • Assorted accents

Decorating Open Shelves near Kitchen Window

How to Decorate an Open Shelves near your Kitchen Window

  • First thing that you need to do is to cover your shelves surface with decorative doily at the level of the eye.
    • Then you can place two teacups along with saucer pairs on top of the doily that you placed on the shelves.
    • The purpose of displaying the above items is for your convenience where you can easily grab the teacups whenever you have guest visiting your house.
    • Apart from that, it also adds a touch of classic attraction to your shelving unit.

The above technique enables you to create light shines of natural light that penetrates from your kitchen window to shine on your teacup design that you use. Make sure that you use teacup colors that match your doily so that you will create a nice blend to the display.

  • Apart from that, you can also position a bud vase right at the center of your top shelf that you have made earlier.
    • It is recommended that you only use a single flower for the vase on this shelf because you already have teacups and doily being displayed on your shelving unit.
    • It is attractive for you to use any type of flower especially if it matches the kitchen color scheme.
  • In addition, you can also consider adding embellishments such as a few jars containing herbs beneath the shelf in order to create a touch of a country-inspired feel to the kitchen.
    • Whenever you are looking for decorative items, you should use your creativity and always ensure that your chosen items matches and blends in nicely with your kitchen setting.
  • You should also use nice decorative baskets for every small item that you want to be placed on your shelf especially if you want to use them during the same time.
    • For example, you can put items like vanilla, baking powder, and chocolate chips or cookie cutters plus also frosting bags and tips inside the same basket where you can take this basket whenever you want to do your baking.
    • To make it much more easily, you can label the basket using hanging tag so that you will know which basket to use when the need arise.
  • Another style that you can use for your open shelving unit is to arrange items together with similar shapes or colors.
    • This to create a look of mishmash of clutter to your shelf.
    • For instance, you can display an all white concept like showing your collection of sugar bowls and creamers on one particular shelf.
  • If ever you feel bored with your shelf arrangement, you can simply turn them around and change the display with other items.
    • For example, if you are displaying a nice row of clear drinking glasses on top of your open shelf unit, you can change them by displaying a more colorful set of mixing bowls that you keep inside your kitchen cabinets in order to create a different look to the open shelve unit.

Mixing your display dish together with food items or baking supplies on the same shelf is not a good idea. If will complicates you whenever you want to prepare meals or do your cooking in the kitchen. Make sure that you choose the same category for each of the shelf that you want to create.

Always remember that whenever you want to decorate open shelves near your kitchen window

  • You should refer to as many references as possible to have ideas for the decoration. For example, you can look for sample of decorating resources from magazines, television shows and websites. This will help you to decorate your kitchen with stylish ideas, class of its own along with functionality which is useful to you and your family members.
  • For items that you seldom use, you should keep them free from dust. Make sure that you regularly take them down to clean the items at least twice a week, plus also dust the shelves by using your feather duster.

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