Making your Cottage Look Light and Bright


It is important for you to bear in mind that whenever you are decorating a décor for your own cottage, you should always express style that can bring cheerful feeling into the house especially with light, bright touches that can reflect sunny beach setting and cool garden feel. You must also remember that when you start to decorate a cottage, you should take it very personally and try to express your inner self into the decoration that you want to apply to the cottage. Nature-inspired colors are the most common used by cottage owners for example yellow and sky blue if you want to create a warm environment within your cottage. For those who like a more cohesive look, you can simply enhance each and every room using coordinating decor style and colors. Apart from that you can also create your own trademark of décor style by using furniture and accessories that you have been keeping with utmost care in order to reflect your overall personality whenever someone walks in to your cottage home.

To make your cottage light and bright, you need:

  • Choose bright and cheerful colors
  • Airy Textiles
  • Use decorative garden-Inspired patterns
  • Use fresh flowers, plants and foliage
  • Natural fibre rugs, painted or vintage plaited rugs
  • Romantic and simple chandelier

Making a Cottage Look Light and Bright

How to Make your Cottage Look Light and Bright

  • First thing that you need to do is to use bright colors by painting the cottage’s living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen walls with joyful colors,
    • For example, using sunny yellow, sea-foam green and watery blue.
    • Apart from that, you can also make use of fresh white color paint and paint it onto your cottage’s walls in order to create a stage for stylish design. From then on you would be able to incorporate the light colors that you have chosen within the cottage with suitable vases, candles, picture frames as well as other decorative items that you feel necessary to be displayed in your cottage.

Make sure when you choose your color scheme, the color must always be subtle, muted and soft where it can create a feel of refreshing and relaxing. Some of the colors that you use include light earth colors namely beige, yellow, blues, green as well as warmer tones such as pastels, whites and creams.

  • In order to create a happy cottage you can also decorate it with airy textiles.
    • You can hang gauzy white curtains at your window where you would be able to catch the wind of summer passes through your window along with the white curtains.
    • For those of you who want some privacy, you can simply install white blinds under the white curtains.
    • In addition, you can place handmade white quilts on top of your cottage beds. You can create white quilts designed with pastel-hued floral patterns.
    • You can make use of colorful throw pillows with light yellow, orange and green-striped especially if you have a white or ecru-colored sofa.

If your window already has a nice view of a wonderful garden or dazzling picturesque view of the natural surrounding you can simply leave the windows bare. For a simple privacy cover during the day, you only need to hang simple shades of curtain at your window.

  • Another decorative style that you can use is to lighten up your cottage using garden-inspired patterns.
    • When you decide to use this theme, you can simply use a sun-dappled flower garden as your inspiration for decorating any of your rooms.
    • As for the cottage bathroom, you need to create a focal point for the room by hanging a shower curtain that features large, bright, floral patterns.
    • If you are the artistic kind of person, you can paint your plain white wall with vibrant colorful flowers or even hang a few framed pictures or paintings with blooming gardens.
    • In addition, you can also add softness and cheerful color onto any wooden kitchen table chairs by placing cushions that come with red, yellow, green or orange color with floral design concept.
  • Decorate your cottage with fresh flowers and foliage in order to make your cottage having a light and bright feel when you are inside the cottage.
    • Your wall shelves, desks and tables should be enhance with milk glasses or crystal vases that you can fill them up with yellow daisies, red roses, purple hydrangeas, orange tulips and other colorful flowers.
    • If you still find that there are empty cottage corners that you can still decorate, you just need to fill them with large, potted tropical plants. Not only that, you can also place a vase containing fragrant lavender stems at suitable place inside your bathroom as well as on top of your vanity table or nightstand in the bedroom.
    • You can also make use of old worn out things like wooden boxes, buckets, baskets, kettles boots, jugs, and cups to place your plants.
    • A simple garden that you create in your cottage would be able to enhance the feeling of romantic, casual and relaxed when you are inside the cottage.
  • Almost every cottage floor is made of wood. Therefore, you can make the area look light and bright by,
    • Placing some natural fibre rugs, painted or vintage plaited rugs in order to cover your cottage’s flooring.
  • Another step that you can do is to install a simple romantic chandelier to any of the rooms in your cottage that you think suitable.
    • Besides that, you can even recycle old items to be used as a unique decorative lamps as one of the décor for your cottage home along with other items such as pots, glassware, old books, photographs in antique frames, musical instruments, ceramic figurines, crockery, cutlery, doilies as well as chinaware.
    • If you have the time, you can add lace trims or even cover your lampshade using bright attractive fabric that matches with the rest of your cottage décor.
    • Other decorative item that you can add includes crystal candleholders plus also installing mirrors in certain area of the cottage as a part of your decorative style.

    Always remember that whenever you want to make your cottage look light and bright you can choose furniture designed with light and breezy concept along with a lived in appearance which is appropriate for cottage house. For example, you can use Vintage style wicker furniture or upholstered furniture with slipcovers.

    • It is also a good idea if you can mix and match between old and new furniture for instance if you have antique furniture, you should display them along with modern furniture.

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