Tips for Decorating your Food Preparation Room in a Small Apartment Kitchen


If you are living in an apartment that has a small kitchen, it is hard for you to accept that the room is always known as not being visually interesting or stylish. Most of the small kitchen apartments are designed with white walls, ceilings and appliances. In some scenario, your landlord would not even allow you to repaint the apartment thus you end up living in a dull environment. If the situation permits for you to decorate the small kitchen apartment that you are living in, it is recommended that you decorate it with a retro theme in order to add an interesting visual element to the room even if could not remodel the entire room. A retro theme can even work just by using antiques décor as well as displaying your personal belonging or treasures.


To decorate your kitchen with retro theme, you need:

  • Wall art
  • Retro-themed dishes
  • Glass jars
  • Antiques
  • Vintage furniture

Decorating your Kitchen with Retro Theme

How to Decorate using Retro Theme

  • First thing that you need to do is to decide on your preferred retro them year that you want to integrate into your small kitchen area.
    • Some of the retro theme year that you can choose is the ’70s-themed kitchen which usually come with bright colors along with bold patterns.
    • Another style which is also popular is the ’50s-themed kitchen which is suitable for small kitchen and you can look for several items belonging to that particular decade from your local antique shops or from personal treasures that belong to your ancestors.

You can apply for example the fifties pop culture and incorporate it into your small apartment kitchen which also tiki kind of décor with bright blue or pink colors representing the retro theme of the fifties. In addition, you can include common period furniture such as a dry bar as well as plush ottoman.

  • The first method that you can apply is by hanging vintage metal signs or posters at appropriate location within your small kitchen area. It is easy to apply especially for those who rent apartment where the landlord does not allow you to repaint the house.
    • Another idea for you to consider is to purchase vintage replicas that represent retro years like authentic signs but these types of items some time is quite expensive.
  • You can also purchase antique dishes that look authentic to create a true retro feeling in your small kitchen room.
    • For example you can display old retro dishes inside a china cabinet that are designed with glass door for easy viewing.
    • You can even use the retro dishes only for decoration purpose or even whenever you feel like using them especially during special celebrations.
  • Another method that you can consider is to use glass jars as storage for your spices.
    • You must also arrange them on the counter top or even display them inside your cabinet.
  • Apart from that, you can also look for unique type of antique items from your local antique shops.
    • Most of antique items can also be purchased through online auctions.
    • You can also add some attractive retro style accessories, gadgets or figurines to be displayed within your kitchen area like on the counter top or open type shelving.
  • Try to look for appropriate furniture that can match the kitchen décor that you used.
    • You can also choose painted wooden chairs in order to compliment retro kitchen of your choice.
    • Even if there are scratches or chipped paint on any of your wooden furniture, it can still be used as an added charm to your small apartment kitchen area.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate your small apartment kitchen with retro theme like the fifties décor, it normally comes with the essence of modernist.

    • You can consider to look for furniture designed with a Mid-century Modernist design philosophy that have clean line, minimal parts along with bold colors or patterns which relates to the retro theme of that era.

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