Using Bold Colors to Decorate Small Cottage


Whenever you use bold colors for decorating your small cottage, you would be able to create a much bigger look of the cottage in the eyes of other people. You can simply use vibrant hues in order to enhance not only one area of your cottage but also all of the rooms within the cottage. For those of you who are trying to decorate your small cottage on a limited budget, using bold color scheme will definitely help you enhance your cottage current look especially if you also add small or vibrant details for your decoration. You should play with your innovative ideas and experiment the most appropriate bold colors that you can use for decorating your small cottage.


To decorate bold colors in small cottage, you need:

  • Vibrant turquoise color
  • Yellow color
  • Lime Green color
  • Red color
  • All American blue color
  • French inspired colors
  • White color


Decorating Small Cottage Using Bold Colors

How to Decorating your Small Cottage with Bold Colors

  • For those of you who are living in small cottage near the sea, it is recommended that you decorate your cottage using a vibrant turquoise color.
    • You will find that the watery shade provided by the turquoise color is reminiscent of sunny tropical beaches thus providing your cottage with relaxing feeling when you are inside the cottage.
    • The first thing that you need to do is to paint your cottage walls with turquoise color.
    • In order to create a clean and much fresher look, you can decorate the cottage walls using white picture frames and shelves.
    • You can also choose white furniture like linen-upholstered sofas or a wicker bed frame. This type of furniture should be accent with turquoise decorative pillows.
    • In addition, you can make use of bright orange and yellow flowers displayed with turquoise vases in order to integrate with other colors and complement the color scheme that you have chosen.


  • If you want your cottage to have a charming garden-inspired setting, you should be using sunny yellow décor accents.
    • You can even create a special area or you can call it a happy section simply by painting your cottage walls with yellow color along with plush, yellow rugs on your hardwood or tile floorings.
    • Use a white or sand-colored love seat together with similar color sofa set. You can also accent all these furniture with yellow wing-back or recliner chair.
    • As for the bedroom area, you can use a yellow quilt or comforter designed with white floral pattern to be placed on your bed.
    • In addition to the garden theme, you can add a yellow vase that you can fill with orange and red tulips to be displayed on your coffee table as well as nightstand.


  • The lime green color is also appropriate for decoration of cottage home especially if you can combine it with suitable furniture and décor items that match the color thus creating an elegant look to your house.
    • Some of the furniture that can match lime green color includes a bed headboard, night stand and desk set which are made of rich mahogany wood.
    • Apart from that, you can simply cover your bed using a white comforter and also throw some lime green colored accent pillows on top of the bed.


  • You can apply cherry red touches to your cottage in order to create a bold decor style look especially by painting your cottage walls with red color. This will not only produce a modern feel to the cottage but also provide a classy touch to your home.
    • Besides that, you can also add a little bit of elegant to the decoration by using red and white toile-patterned wallpaper.
    • Try to use red comforter for your bedroom in order to match your cottage surrounding interior, plus also choosing a red colored love seat along with double sofa for your living room.
    • You can add some romantic touch to your décor by placing red roses inside a vintage milk glass vase to be displayed either on your vanity table or wall shelf.
    • For those of you who prefer exotic kind of decoration, you can just accent your cottage rooms by painting its walls with red colors together with a zebra-patterned rug on the floor as well as decorative pillows.


  • The classic all American blue color can blend in nicely with white color no matter where you want to use it either for your exterior as well as interior cottage.
    • Another example of a good combination color normally use for cottage houses is combination of blue and yellow color scheme.


  • You can also take some of ideas of decorating your cottage by looking at French cottage which reflect a sun drenched region with cheerful and bright color combinations.
    • For example, French cottage usually use combination of turquoise and yellow color scheme.


  • White color is one of the typical colors being used for standard cottage home.
    • It is some time use with various kinds of ways for all over the area of the cottage.
    • Besides that, you can also use creamy shades of white in order to create a warm and easy feeling when you are inside the cottage.
    • In addition, it is recommended that you vary your shades especially when you are using an all white color scheme for your cottage home. For example by combining a soft yellow along with white will result to a nice looking cottage whether for the outdoor or indoor area.


You can also apply a more modern look for your cottage by using neutral color schemes which normally include various kinds of shades like whites, browns or even black.

Always remember that whenever you want to decorate your small cottage with bold colors, you must have innovative ideas in complementing each of the bold colors that you choose for decorating your cottage home.

  • Most of the common bold colors suitable for decorating your cottage include the all American Blues, welcoming Reds, sunny Citrus colors, French inspired colors, Cottage whites, neutral color schemes, soft greens and yellows


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