Decorating a Kitchen Counter for a Christmas Buffet

If you know a lot of people and have invited them for Christmas, if your dining table can’t accommodate that many people then head over to your kitchen. Sometimes you do not have enough space to put your dishes on the dining table especially when it comes to your official yearly Christmas dinner. Therefore the second best thing to do is to setup and decorate your kitchen counter as an option for your Christmas buffet, which is right in your kitchen area and easy to place whatever meals that you have cooked directly to the counter. Your kitchen counter needs not to be decorated into a glamorous type of dining table, you simply need to prepare a simple decoration with a little bit of Christmas spirit and theme in order for it to be used as your Christmas buffet setup.

What you need to do:

  1. Greenery
  2. Plaid ribbon
  3. Tin graters
  4. Votive candles
  5. White card stock
  6. Small candy-trimmed tree or gingerbread house
  7. Thin red ribbon
  8. Paper punch
  9. Standing wire photo holders
  10. Tan poster board
  11. Markers
  12. Green cord

Christmas Buffet


  1. Firstly, you just need to cover the entire surface of your kitchen counter by using, for instance, some tea towels that are available with scalloped edges in order for you to iron in a crease and create borders around the edges of your counter.
  2. Another option that would enable you to cleanup any mess easily is to use a length of red vinyl or a vinyl Christmas tablecloth that has a small overall pattern and then you need to cut the vinyl wide enough to cover the counter.
  3. You must at least leave it hanging down at least 6 inches over the edge and for a more attractive look; you can use red and white gingham that will provide a country Christmas look to your kitchen surrounding.
  4. After you have placed your entire empty serving bowls and platters that you want to use during the dinner, you can place a range of different winding greenery in between your serving pieces.
  5. Apart from that, you should also place kitchen utensils like potato mashers, vegetable peelers and wooden spoons decorated with Christmas plaid ribbon bows and place it along the winding greenery as accents.
  6. To add light and sparkle, you can also place votive candles under tin graters, but always ensure that it is safe and would not cause hazard when you decide to decorate the place with candles.
  7. Besides that, it is also nice to decorate the area with a candy tree especially in your dessert section. You can make the candy tree from small bare branches secured in foam inside a flowerpot vase before attaching the candies using ribbons to the tree. Apart from that, you can also use a decorated gingerbread house as an alternative centerpiece to be placed at your dessert section.
  8. If your kitchen counter is big enough, you can place your recipes beside each of your dish. You can simply write the recipes by hand or type and print it out on card stock, add some decorative Christmas clip art before you print it. Then you need to punch two holes at least an inch apart at the top of each of your recipe cards before threading some red ribbon through it and tie it in bow style. You can also use standing wire photo holders to hold the recipe cards.
  9. Another decoration that you can do is to create a swag of gingerbread boys cut using tan poster board or cardstock and string them together along with bright green cord. Next step to do is to write your guests name who would be attending your dinner on each of the gingerbread boy. Once finished, you can hang the swag on your kitchen cabinets just above the buffet and don’t hang them too low as not to get in the way of your guests when they serve themselves in front of the buffet.
  10. It is also good to have a good traffic flow around your kitchen counter when the Christmas buffet has started to enable your guest to maneuver around the area with ease.

There you have it; that is how you can make your house even more special during Christmas. Not only that, to decorate your kitchen counter you will be able to accommodate more people for your special Christmas dinner. This ensures more people can be invited and of course, more food to be served.

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