Making a Centerpiece With Angels

In order for you to have an Angel’s centerpiece, it does not mean you have to purchase it. You can always customize it according to your own creativity and without having to spend lots of money. For a start, you can start to create your own favorite angel ornament to add as a decorative addition not only to your dinner table, but also for your mantel as well as any location of your preferred choice for a more holiday look. When using an angel centerpiece, it does not mean that it is only for Christmas, but also for holiday wedding, gathering or family Christmas dinner, create as gifts for your friends or your loved one especially centerpiece that has your very own personal touch.

What you need to do:

  1. Angel ornament(s)
  2. Bowl
  3. Floral foam
  4. Christmas greenery
  5. Embellishments (holly or pinecones)
  6. Fresh greens like red pine, juniper, dogwood
  7. Craft wire
  8. Ribbon bow with holiday colors (Blue, silver, gold, white, plaid, red & green)
  9. Scissors or clippers
  10. Plastic wrap
  11. Green cutters
  12. Ceramic Angel


  1. Firstly, you need to take the floral foam and cut it according to your desired holder so that it could fit the centerpiece. Then, you have to dampen it in with some water before laying the foam in the bottom of your container or you can even use a bowl.
  2. Once you have finished with the above step, you can set your angel on top of your floral foam and not let the ornament to get wet, make sure to place a layer of plastic in between the wet foam and the angel ornament.
  3. After that, you need to cut the greenery into small pieces so that you would be able to arrange around the angel. In order to cover the area so that the foam will not be seen, you have to use longer pieces in the back while shorter pieces need to be placed around the front of the angel.
  4. Next step to do is to tie a bow and wrap it around a piece of floral wire and once you managed to do that, you would be able to stick the wire using the bow on it into the floral foam. If it is necessary, you can make several of this ornament crafts or even create a large one that you can place in front of your centerpiece.
  5. Then, you can secure the pine cones and holly berries using a wire to enable it to be placed or stick them into the floral foam surrounding the angel.
  6. For a more festive occasion look, you can set the angel centerpiece on a 12-inch square mirror tile before placing it on your holiday dinner table and decorate it using greenery or small glass ornaments around it.

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