Decorating a small rental house

How to Decorate a Small Rental House

Decoration forms part of one\’s life and home. Without decoration one\’s home might seem boring and not lively enough to stay in. Everyone loves to decorate their homes in a way that the houses have a personal feel in them.

Every single piece in the house forms part of one\’s personal touch. In other words, it is decoration that keeps the interior of our home different from one another. Even for those staying in a rented place, you can still decorate it without messing around anything. It can be really hard to decorate some rented houses as sometimes the quality is not that strong, which can in turn mess up the whole design.

Most landlords of rental houses may not let you decorate the house such as paint the walls, put up wallpaper or make any other big changes to the home. If you want to decorate your rental house, it is best to speak with your landlord whether he/she agree allow you to perform the changes. Here are the steps on how you can decorate your rental house without including any major changes.

Small Rental House

You will need:

  1. Photos
  2. Mirror
  3. Artworks
  4. Shelving units
  5. Curtain
  6. Rods
  7. Drapes or fabric
  8. Any other accessories of your choice


  1. Decorate your house with mirrors as they are great ways to open up small spaces. Mirrors add depth and light to a room and come fairly inexpensive. Use mirrors with light frames or frameless as this will prevent you from making any holes in the walls. You can place the mirrors above a sofa, dresser, fireplace and opposite windows so that they will reflect the outdoors.
  2. Add curtains to the windows of your home, as generally rental houses do not have window dressings other than blinds. Use a small “cup hook” to hold swag of fabric if your landlord does not let you install a large curtain rod.
  3. Screw the cuphook into each top corner of the window and drape the fabric from one to the other. Screw one into the middle top of the window too.
  4. You can buy the lightweight curtain panels at any fabric store as the holes can be easily filled when you move out.
  5. Use a divider screen to cover the walls by unfolding it against the wall instead. Or, you can hang a large tapestry on the wall or even a pretty swatch of fabric from a simple rod which is less expensive. Change the canned lights in the kitchen with pendant ones or hang a chandelier in the dining room.
  6. If your landlords dislike the idea of holes in the wall, consider having a standing shelving unit. It is a great way to display your own personal items and make your rental home feels like a real home. You can use skinny bookshelves for small rooms to draw the eye upward.

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