Decorating Christmas lights for Christmas

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During the Christmas celebrations, every one will try to make a decoration that is unique and eye-catching to the people who see it. With a beautiful Christmas light decorations that you create by yourself using your own creativity will definitely makes the Christmas holidays even more memorable. Below are some tips and ideas in creating decorations out of Christmas lights for the upcoming festive holidays.

What you need:

  1. Christmas lights
  2. A step-up ladder
  3. Wires/Strings
  4. Small nails or tacks
  5. One or two Heavy duty extension cord
  6. Light clips


  1. For decorating Christmas lights for the outside area of your house, you need to determine where the power supply is located. The power supply should not allow the electrical cords to dangle or gets too close to water during rainy spell. Also do not place any of the cords lying around in areas where the children are playing or area where people walk around to avoid any untoward accident. You must also ensure that your house is free of any breakage in the electrical lines and fix or replace the breakage line first before putting up the lights. For outdoor usage, ensure that the lights chosen are approved for outdoor use.
  2. Use a step-up ladder which is stable and firm when installing the Christmas lights decorations. Also make use of a wrap around device enabling the lights to be rolled on. This is will allow you to roll the lights a little bit at a time, thus reducing the cords getting tangled.
  3. You also need to plan on what design to use and outlined it first in a sketch pad when decorating Christmas lights. If you want to make a triangle shape which looks like a Christmas tree kind of Christmas lights on the side of your house, use some small nails or tacks for keeping the lights firm and stable while placing them.
  4. If you are using your old lights, you need to untangle the cords, testing and replacing the bulbs which are not working. Review your design and see whether your old lights are suitable for the design.
  5. If you have extra budget, purchase some additional lights either from mini-lights, oversized lights, icicle lights, mesh lights, solid lights, blinkers, chasing lights or even clear lights with the consideration of using a variety of colours.
  6. You need to use similar types of lights if you want to place it next to each other, for example do not place icicle lights next to big red bulbs. Try to develop the design according to type and colour of lights for the area that you have selected. If your selected are is the windows, use different color or type around it and if it is a tree, use a strand or two big lights.
  7. Besides that, you need to secure the lights using light clips, while light strands which consist of the male plug and the female receptacle should be hang next to one another.

Hopefully you will have a good time in doing the above project during the upcoming Christmas celebrations with all those bright and flashing lights making it more enjoyable occasion.

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