Personalized Home-made Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the time when we share gifts, so instead of buying expensive gifts which may not carry sentimental values, why not create your own self-made gifts. These gifts will not only have more sentimental values but will definitely appeal more to your friends.

  • Create your own Recipe Book

If you have friends who love cooking and are crazy about new recipes, the best gift to give them is to create a recipe book. Your friends may have a liking to some types of food or have a soft spot for chocolate. You can personalize each friend’s own recipe book according to their likes. What you can do is to start collecting recipes from books, newspapers and magazines and buy a nice and attractive book to write them all in. Then in your best handwriting copy the recipes in the book and if you are good in art, you can accompany each recipe with an appropriate illustration. Now you cannot imagine the joy that you’ll be giving your friends.

  • Sweets and Chocolate

Most people especially children have a sweet tooth. What better gift to give them than a bag of goodies consisting of sweets and chocolates. We are well aware that during festive seasons how expensive these items can become, so we can prepare ourselves way before Christmas and start buying a variety of sweets and cheap chocolates. Arriving Christmas, make paper bags from beautiful and colorful wrapping papers and fill with the sweets and chocolates. Tie and decorate with pretty ribbons. This self-made gift will really make you save a lot of money.

  • Chocolate Sticks

Delicious chocolate sticks can be made at home, here’s how; purchase a pack of picnic plastic spoons and some cooking chocolate. Put some boiling water in a pan into which you put a bowl to melt your chocolate add a little bit of butter. When the chocolate is melted immerse the spoons into the chocolate. You can be creative and add some flavors or chopped hazel nuts or almonds. Allow it to dry on greaseproof paper and when dry wrap it in cellophane and tie it with a nice ribbon.

  • Special cookies for special friends

Bake cookies in a special way for your special friends. Why not bake a large cookie in place of the normal small cookies? You can make large cookies by baking then in cake pans and shaping them in forms of stars, moon, heart or even cartoon characters. You can personalize these cookies by decorating using icing in the friends’ names. Preserve in cellophane and imagine your friend’s delight and surprise when he’ll or she’ll receive this present.

  • Personalized Photo Magnets

For this gift idea you must first decide who to give, and then take photos of this person or of his children; preferably without their knowledge. By using cardboard stick the photos onto it and attach small magnets at the back. Children, specially little kids will be overwhelmed with this.

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