Turning your empty honey and syrup bottle into Christmas angel

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Nobody can’t resist the temptation of hot pancakes drizzled with honey or syrup, especially when it’s winter cold time. But if you already finish the honey or syrup, don’t throw the bottle away. You can recycle it back as craft for Christmas decoration. Nowadays, the bottling of honey and syrup comes in many cute and adorable shapes such as animals and cartoons character. So you might want to preserve the interesting shape but at the same time decorating it as new. It’s a fun and easy craft to so with your children. Below is a step by step on how you can make your own honey or syrup bottle into Christmas angel:

Materials and tools you need:

  • Empty syrup or honey bottle (including the lid)
  • gold or silver spray paint
  • paper plate
  • chenille stem
  • glitters
  • glue
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

How to make it:
First, clean your bottle and let it to dry. Once the bottle is dry, spray allover the bottle with gold or silver paint. You can use any metallic colors you want to add glow for the bottle. Tip for even and neat color, you coat the bottle with first spray of paint and let to dry. Then, add another coat of paint and let it completely dry.

To make the angel’s wing, cut the paper plate with scissor into a big bow shape to resemble as wings. Spread glue on to the cut out wings surface. Dust with glitters of your choice to glued area. You can use any decorations to the wings such as small beads, stars or create beautiful pattern with colorful markers. If you have scraps of ribbons, you can also fold it into shape for the angel’s wings. Stick the finish wings at the back of the bottle with hot glue to secure it

Next, form the chenille stem for the angel’s halo. To make it, cut a length of chenille stem according to your choice. Loop one end of the stem and shape it into a circle. Wrap the other end of the stem around the bottle’s lid to attach the halo.

Finally, hang it as Christmas ornaments on your Christmas tree. You can also put this ornament on top of your fireplace’s deck or table. It also looks pretty when hang near the window of your children’s bedroom.

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