Decorating Your Home for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is one of the most anticipated yearly events that are usually celebrated with parties and the best thing is that decorating is the exciting part to make this event a more lively party. Using fun and colorful decorations will help to make your guests feel special and they will welcome the future with great spirits. If you are planning to have a party at home then you should decorate your home to welcome the New Year together with your invited guests. Here are the steps on how to decorate your home for New Year’s Eve.

You will need:

  1. Paper Table Roll
  2. Balloon Weights
  3. Table Covers
  4. Balloon Drop
  5. Paper Lantern
  6. Helium-Filled Balloons
  7. Party Favors
  8. Brushes and Acrylic Paints
  9. Metallic Streamers and Party Hats

New Year’s Eve


  1. Pick a color scheme using a combination of at least two to four colors. A casual party is great with bright colors while a formal party will best be suited with black and gold or silver scheme color. Determine the color scheme, according to your party code, whether it is casual or formal.
  2. Choose tablecloths with color coordinated to cover the tables. Place party favors on the table so the guests can help themselves. You could also add traditional favors such as noise makers and party horns for celebrating the midnight’s eve.
  3. Other items that you can include as well are bubbles, small games and party hats that can be used by your guests throughout the party.
  4. If you have an extra budget, hire a balloon company to install a balloon drop to be released at midnight. Or, you can purchase a balloon drop kit at any party stores, but they are generally small and sometimes do not release smoothly. So, hiring a professional to create balloon drops for your party is much safer and effective.
  5. Make a large banner for your wall by tearing off a section of a paper tablecloth roll. Add paints of colorful New Year’s Eve message on the banner or give markers to your guests so that they can add their own New Year’s greetings or resolutions.
  6. The messages on the banner will get more and more as the night goes on. For the ceiling decoration, drape the metallic streamers across it, attaching the streamers to the wall in opposing corners and again in the center of the room.
  7. Hang a huge paper lantern in the center. Follow the same design using the streamers but instead of hanging paper lantern, use a disco ball if you have a dance floor.
  8. For the helium-filled balloon decoration, tie clusters of five to seven balloons to a weight. Drop the weight inside an upside-down New Year’s party hat. You can either put the balloons decorations on the tables or make them tall to stand on the floor.

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