Simple Ideas for Party Decorating

Decorating becomes the most important elements of creativity although there are so many elements that are needed to create a successful party. When decorating for a party, an everyday normal-looking room becomes special and looks festive. However, the most effective party decorations need not to use excessive decorations. You can follow these easy and classic guidelines on how to decorate your room for a party for the maximum result without spending your money too much. Here are the guidelines.

You will need:

  1. Balloons
  2. Lighting
  3. White Tables
  4. Decorative Food
  5. Confetti

Party Decorating


  1. Adding balloons to your room is an instant decoration for the party that you want to do. Blow up several balloons and gather them as clusters of balloons in groups of three or four. Secure their mouthpiece end together by tying them with a string. Place each balloons cluster to the wall, the sides of a table, the window or any place suitable with a tape.
  2. Lighting could change your room to become more festive, especially for the people who have always been in the same room seeing the same environment every day. Turn off the usual lighting that you use and change it with colorful lighting such as paper lanterns, string lights, colorful lighting, candles or any combination of those. The party atmosphere will change and be livelier by changing the light sources. You could also set the lighting position to focus on the area where you want your guests could go to, such as the food and drinks area, and the spots to hangout.
  3. The most known sign for a festive event is by covering the guests and serving tables with a white tablecloth. You can use disposable tablecloths, which is available in any home improvement or party store as it is inexpensive and easy to clean. The white tablecloth can be used as it is or add with a little bit of colors of runners, banners and streamers for a colorful cloth. The main reason to use a white tablecloth is that it will help to draw your guests’ attention and awareness to the tables that you provide.
  4. The way you serve the food in the plate is also crucial to attract the guests; it is actually easy to do although it sometimes can be complex. The key is to follow the basic rules to make simple but delicious appetizer and food that looks appealing to your guests to eat. White and pale colored plates are suitable for dark and colorful foods to create contrast.
  5. Use small plates to fill finger foods, but if the foods come with a complex decorative then place those fewer on the plates so your guests can take them easier. If possible, use tiered serving trays or place old phone books below the tablecloth to create makeshift elevated platforms for your own tiered table.
  6. Sprinkle the serving areas and table with colored foil glitter confetti. Use bigger size confetti as they are easier to clean and add some extra sparkle to your party. Sprinkle only small pinches at a time as you don’t want to make your guests feel disturbed with the overpowering glitters everywhere.

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