Decorating your living room for Christmas

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Decorating your dining table for Christmas
During the festive mood of Christmas everyone wants to excel and show off their best abilities to their friends and relatives, and one way of doing that is an elaborately decorated Christmas dinner table. First of all you must decide on a theme, a particular color or colors to draw attention. Matching colors that not only attract but are eye catching, colors such as white, red, green, gold and silver remain the favorites among people. If you are using red and gold, you can light a red candle in the middle of the table to emphasize on the hues.

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Try a different color
If your home decoration and furniture is of a particular color that you would like to play off of, decorating the Christmas table will be an even simpler task. Just follow the same color with candles, ribbons, napkins, the table cloth and an assortment of cutlery with matching colors.

Season Look
To play off a winter look, you can simply use white and light shades of blue. Make use of light blue candles or white ones to give that angelic look and feel.

Completing the table
To draw attention to the table, don’t forget the flowers. Here also play with the colors, if you are using a white color theme, for the flowers use contrasting colors such as deep red or purple. Whereas, if you are using a theme in rich, deep colors use white, silver or gold colored flowers. Remember that flowers will give life to that dining table.
To decorate the Christmas dining table, decide on a theme and all the best.

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Decorating the Christmas tree
You may want to have a white Christmas tree to keep that winter look and at the same time to match your white decorated table. Almost everyone would adore a white Christmas, and you can make your decoration reflect the outdoor beauty. You’ll discover that decorating your home and the Christmas tree using a white theme can be impressive and chic.

From Green to White
Now, here are some ideas of how to change your green Christmas tree to a white one, the easiest and most convenient is to spray the tree with snow. How much to spray is up to you. You can lightly dust it or heavily, so as to make it look like a heavy snowfall. To further accentuate the white theme, use clear lights. You can mix standard steady glowing lights along with twinkling lights to give a more impressive effect.

Different kinds of ornaments
You can also adorn the tree with clear, white and silver ornaments and snowflakes. There are a variety of beautiful Christmas ornaments available on the market , such an elegant frosty look including fruit, berries and even flowers.
You can use white glittery fern sprays or anything that captures the beauty and sparkle of fresh winter snow. Or garlands of white or sliver ribbons to make the decoration on the tree more beautiful. Some people may consider making use of a very pale aqua blue ribbon to imitate the subtle blues of a snowy landscape.

Frost Crystals
To match this white theme with your Christmas dinner table, you can use frost crystals on glass. This will also bring a touch of winter indoors.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men OR Top 10 Gift Ideas fro Women

Merry Christmas

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