Making Christmas Angel with Toilet Tissue Rolls

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Believe it or not, toilet tissue rolls have many usages. The rolls can be used to make as decoration. Instead of throwing the rolls away, give it a new life by making it as Christmas angel. it will cost you less and the Christmas angel will look adorable and cute as one of your  ornaments for the Christmas tree. Let your creativity help you to create toilet rolls into a marvelous Christmas angel to impress the family and friends. It will be such a fun stuff to do with your kids. Here how to make your own Christmas angel with toilet tissue rolls:

You’ll need:

  • Toilet tissue roll
  • Paper plate
  • White spray paint
  • Small pom pom
  • Chenille thread/ pipe cleaner
  • Yarn
  • Acrylic marker (you can find these in craft /stationery store)
  • Ribbon
  • Glue

How to make:

  • Spray all the surface of toilet tissue rolls with white paint. You can paint with the upper third of the toilet tissue with any color you want the skin to be. Cut the paper plate in half, you can use plain or patterned paper plate to make your angel’s wings more beautiful.
  • You can decorate the wings with glitters or little stars cut outs. Once the paint on the tissue rolls is completely dried, glue a piece of ribbon around it. The ribbon should be positioned where the white and another color of your choice meets.
  • Attach the bottom side of the paper plate to the toilet tissue roll by using glue. Then, make a straight edge of the paper plate line up on the toilet tissue roll where the white and another color meet.
  • Cut pieces of yarn to make the angel’s hair, it’s up to you whether you want it long or short. Line up the yarn to make them even and tie together with another piece of yarn. Dab glue on the outer rim on top of the toilet tissue roll. Next, stuff the yarn’s end into the glued rim and take out the yarn thread as desired to create the angel’s hair.
  • To make the angel’s halo, form the end of a chenille thread or pipe cleaner into a halo shape. You should left about 3 to 4 inches of the chenille thread /pipe cleaners hanging straight. Put the straight edge carefully into the angel’s hair to make the angel’s halo.
  • For the angel’s face, create the eyes and mouth with acrylic marker. You can glue on small pom pom, little buttons or bead as the nose.

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