Designing Bathrooms for Everyone

Bathrooms serve an array of functions, from giving you a space to relax after a long day, change clothes, apply make up etc., it is an integral part of the home and should not be overlooked when you are considering remodeling your home. Comfort, functionality and aesthetics are important factors when planning your new design for your bathroom. You should also take into account who is using the bathroom, be it the one in the master bedroom, children’s room or the guest room, each has its own specific needs.

The Family Bathroom 

All fixtures are placed in one open space traditionally for the family bathroom. Zoning works well for a family of four or more who share the same bathroom.

 Separate the fixtures into individualized compartments, where several family members can use the space at the same time while retaining some privacy. Instead of lining all fixtures on one wall, separate them, for instance the tub/shower and toilet could be placed in one space and a single or double-bowl vanity in a second area. This allows one person to use the vanity area while someone else was using the tub/shower area. 

The Children\’s Bathroom 

When planning the layout for your child’s bathroom, safety takes priority. Some features which should be included for children are safety latches on drawers and cabinets, door locks which can be opened from outside the space, shower valves which balance water pressure and temperature, a pull-out step for your child to stand on under the vanity and adjustable pole-mounted showerheads or hand-held showerheads. Cleaning products should not be kept in a child’s bathroom. If you have to, then ensure that it is placed in a lockable cabinet that is out of reach.

The tub or shower area should have hand railings and non-slip mats. These are not just for the child’s bathroom, but also for every other bathroom in the house.

The Master Bath Suite 

Privacy, relaxation and efficiency comes into play when planning for the master bath suite. You can make space for a larger bath suite by expanding it into the bedroom, or include a walk in closet adjoining to the existing bath room to give a sense of space and luxury. You can also incorporate added amenities like whirlpool tubs, saunas, and bidets. For your walk-in closet, built-in-drawers, racks, and hooks can be added.

The Guest Bath 

Do not overlook comfort for this bathroom. Although it normally does not include a tub, you can also go for a standing shower fixture. This type of bathroom requires less space than a full bath. Include proper soundproofing and ventilation for this room.