The Medicine Cabinet

The first and most important features a medicine cabinet is the lock, so as to keep medication, or even cleaning products away from young children. The medicine cabinet should blend in with other bathroom furniture shades to complete the right look for your family bathroom. 

Medicine cabinets mostly come in a rectangular shape resting either vertically or horizontally on the wall. Most are also placed high away from curious little hands, while some have shelving that is partly exposed and partly behind glass or mirrored doors. Medicine cabinets come in the same general style as your other bathroom cabinetry – modern, traditional, country, or antique. These should reflect that of the master bedroom, the kitchen, or the television room depending on the location of the bathroom.

In recent years, unique and stylish medicine cabinets have grown in popularity and in size, proving to be even more accessible and functional. Medicine cabinets are highly functional products, equipped with fog-proof mirrors and are as much a statement about the bathroom as are vanities or bathtubs. The days where the mention of a medicine cabinet conjures an image of the typical metal medicine cabinet was one with three plain doors wrapped in chrome trim is obsolete. Medicine cabinets now reflect, and sometimes even determine, the style of the bathroom as much as any furniture or artwork might. 

When designing a bathroom, choose a medicine cabinet that stands out in the same way a piece of art does. You don’t always put the cabinet in its traditional place above the sink. Instead of going for a stainless steel cabinet, try a cabinet with a mahogany or antique gold frame for a Victorian look. Or choose one that isn’t the traditional rectangular shape – medicine cabinets come in round or oval shapes too.

These cabinets can also features built-in electrical outlets for hairdryer or electric razor. These make bathroom appliances easy to reach for, and likewise easy to store away.  Built-in medicine cabinets with at least 6 inches of depth and built-in electrical outlets allow you to store grooming appliances and toiletries at eye-level and gives greater design flexibility with the sink area.