Easy Steps to use Weber Charcoal Grills


Whenever you use a Weber charcoal grill, you can add a smoky flavor to your food whether you intend to grill chicken, ribs or brisket. In order to smoke any kind of meals that you intend to grill, there is no special equipment that you should use but with the Weber charcoal grill there is one item that can help smoking your food much easier which is the Weber Char-basket charcoal fuel holder. The item is normally designed as a pair enabling you to contain the charcoal into two different piles with one on each side of your Weber charcoal grill. If you intend to cook meals that use at least 225 degrees Fahrenheit of heating, you only need to use one of pair. You can use both pair when you want to run much higher temperature.

To use Weber charcoal grills, you need:

  • Charcoal briquettes
  • Accelerant
  • Fireplace matche or butane-powered fireplace, and grill lighter
  • Long-handle tongs
  • Heat-resistant grilling gloves
  • Long-handle spatula
  • Grilling fork
  • A fire extinguisher (for emergency usage)

Using Weber Charcoal Grills

Easy Steps to Use Weber Charcoal Grills

  • You will notice that the grilling surface is made of a metal grid or grate
    • The surface should be taken out of your charcoal grill and set it to your side.
    • Then, you need to remove charcoal briquettes from its bag. Make sure that you add enough briquettes so that you would be able to create a layer two briquettes deep right at the bottom of your Weber grill.
    • After that, you have to build your briquettes into a mound

    Whenever you are preparing charcoal in a proper way, you would be able to create much more intense heating for your grill. This will help your briquettes turned to white-hot coals much faster that enables your steak or other meals to sear in a quick way on its outside thus sealing its meat juices and produce a caramelized crispy outer layer of flavor.

  • Before you start grilling, your grill needs to be pre-heat by opening all its vents. You must keep your grill at a high temperature for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You can use a stainless steel bristle brush if you want to remove any excess debris that you saw on your grates. This is important because the leftover residue on your grate can cause your meals to stick when you start to do your grilling.
  • Next step that you need to do is to apply a liquid manufacturer-approved accelerant onto your briquettes.
    • You must follow the exact instruction from its manufacturer when applying the accelerant.
    • You also need to choose a commercial charcoal lighter fluid or commercial accelerant cubes or even using charcoal that you have already pre-soaked in accelerant.
  • Then, you can light a fireplace match or if you have a butane-powered fireplace or even grill lighter, you can use it to ignite the accelerant.
    • You must make sure to allow the flames to burn out.
    • Wait until the charcoal has turned into white-gray color.

Always monitor the temperature of your Weber charcoal grill regularly. You can do this using a handheld probe thermometer via the grill’s lid vent. We also recommend that you keep the probe of your remote cooking thermometer inside one section of your meat in order to check whether the food is not overcooked.

  • You must also make sure that the charcoal is spread inside the grill using a long-handle tongs
    • While doing the above step, you must always wear heat-resistant grilling gloves to protect yourself from the heat or burning your skin.
    • Once you are done, you should place the grilling surface back onto your grill
    • You should leave the charcoal to continue heating until you find that its surface has already turned into white-gray color.
  • Whenever you are grilling, you need to place your meat, fish or vegetables right on the grill and allow the exact time for them to cook according to the recipe that you are adhering to.
    • You can use a long-handle spatula, grilling fork or grill tongs if your want to turn the food.
    • Leave the food to continue being cooked following your recipe or allow the food to reach your desired level that you want.
  • Always remember to position the lid of your vent opposite the charcoal if you are using one basket or the center the lid’s position if you are using two baskets.
    • When you are using mix wood together with unburned charcoal, you need to place burning briquettes on top of them.
    • Always plan to replenish your charcoal on an hourly basis.

Whenever you have finished cooking with your charcoal grill make sure that you close the vents in order to kill the oxygen and cool off the coals.

Always remember that whenever you want to use Weber charcoal grill

  • You can test your meat or vegetables to see whether they are well cooked by piercing them using a fork. If you find it easy for the fork to enter the meals then your cooking is considered complete. If it is difficult for the fork to pierce it, you need to leave them on the grill for a few more minutes.
  • Remember not to use kerosene, gasoline or other chemicals which is not approved or suitable for charcoal grills.
  • Avoid adding liquid accelerants while your grill is hot or when there are flames on the charcoals.
  • Always use your Weber charcoal grill outside your home or any where outdoor.
  • If the coals are still hot, burning or warm, you must not try to empty it into your garbage bag.
  • If you are living in an apartment building, make sure you check with the building manager regarding their barbecue procedure because most of apartment building only allows the usage of electric grills. This is because it is much safer than charcoal grill.
  • You can purchase charcoal from your local supermarket, hardware stores as well as the supermarket.
  • It should also have built-in security features such as a water reservoir and obstructing valves in case of fire emergency whenever you are cooking.

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