Fashioning a Hair-drying Towel out of an Old Towel

Have you ever felt frustrated about not being able to tie a turban out of an ordinary towel but yet you still want to? Here’s an easy way to make a hair-drying towel that you can easily twist into looking like one. It is much smaller than a towel, much easier to handle, and definitely more secure. Take this with you the next time you get into a sauna and your friends will be dripping with jealousy. For this project, it is easier to work with a thinner towel as they are much easier to sew through, but if you have thick, long hair, you should use a thicker towel as the thinner ones might not be absorbent enough to help you dry your hair.

  1. Fold the towel into half lengthwise. Starting from the folded end, measure about one and a half foot long along the edge and mark it down.
  2. Measure four inches from the same edge along the folded end. Mark that down and start drawing a big semicircle approximately the size of a head. If you are not confident, you can place a flattened swimming cap down and trace around it loosely (remember that your swimming cap is tight fitting and therefore, your semicircle should be slightly bigger than it). Draw a straight line from the end of that semicircle right up to the first marking on the open edge. You can use a tailor’s ruler to help you get a straight line.
  3. Pin the two flaps of the towel down together and cut out the design, leaving about half an inch of extra space for sewing.
  4. Next, sew along the design that you have drawn out earlier, leaving the two edges open. You now have a completed hair-drying towel.
  5. To use it, bend over with your hair in front and place the towel on your head with the long end pointing forward. Wrap the long end around your hair and start twisting it until it is comfortably tight around your head. Pull the twisted end back and tuck it under the towel.
  6. You can also personalize it by embroidering your name onto the front where your forehead should be.
  7. If you want a more secure turban, sew a big button where the towel should cover the nape of your neck, and leave a small gap while stitching, that is big enough to go over the button right at the tip of the long end.

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