Making a Beach Skirt out of an Old Towel

Spring break is around the corner and being a student, you have a budget to work around to last you through the holidays. You also need cute beach cover ups to put over your new bikini without burning a hole in your pocket. Here is how you can fashion a beach skirt out of an old towel. Pick a thin towel with an interesting design so that the end product looks less like a towel.

  1. First, measure around the widest part of your hips. Take down the measurement. Next, measure how long you want your skirt to be and take down the measurement as well.
  2. According to your measurements, cut out a piece from towel, leaving about six inches extra both length wise and width wise.
  3. It is always easier to pin down the two folds before you start sewing so that they don’t run.
  4. Next, sew the two edges of the cut out to form a loop.
  5. After that, pin up the hem by first folding one of the open ends up an inch towards the inside, and then folding it up again. Sew up the hem all the way around while still maintaining the loop.
  6. Now, fold the other open end down twice, the same way you did with the hem, only this time two inches wide, and sew it all the way around. There must be a continuous gap in between so that you can lace pull the drawstring all the way through.
  7. Turn the skirt right side out. Lay it down flat with the intended front-side facing you. Measure the waist line and mark the middle. Next, using a pair of scissors, make two small incisions on one layer of the waistline band about an inch apart, measuring about ¼ inch each near the middle marking.
  8. Finally, string a piece of ribbon through the two incisions so that you can secure the skirt in place. This will act as your drawstring. To string the ribbon through the waistband easily, tie one end of the ribbon to a safety pin. You can now guide the safety pin that will pull the ribbon along easily around the waistband. Alternatively, if your waist is small enough, you can also use one side of a shoe lace to replace the ribbon.

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