Finding the Master Code on the Ademco Home Alarm System

Singapore -based security company’s Ademco is a company that provides home and business alarm systems in many countries around the world. You will need to enter your “master codes”, which is a numeric sequence programmed into your system during installation in order to program your Ademco alarm. If you forget the master code, you will not be able to change your alarm’s settings, but may still be able to arm and disarm the system. You will be able to arm and disarm the system if you programmed additional access codes for family members or employees. Here are some several ways that you can try to find your master code.

Home Alarm System


  1. First, try the default code. Some alarm systems have a present default master code, which you should have changed the first time you set up the system. Check your manual to find your particular Ademco alarm’s default master code if for some case you did not change the code. Enter the code by pressing the number keys on the alarm control panel.
  2. Then, check the alarm manual. Some Ademco systems will provide space for you to write your master code when you have changed it first to form the default. You might find your master code in the manual if you have written down the code when you first set up your alarm and have not changed it subsequently. A proper place to look in the manual is the “Quick View of System Functions” section.
  3. Next, contact your local Ademco authorized dealer. If you don’t remember the master codes and did not write it inside the manual, the code may have been exhausted. The Ademco dealer can help to reset the master code for you by entering a “technician’s code” into your alarm system. If your alarm’s warranty period has expired, you may have to pay for this service.

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