Opening a Brinks Lock If You Have the Combination

Brinks is a security company that manufactures safes and locks. You can use the Brinks combination locks to keep your items secure. Brinks will require the user to know the combination to open the locks and access your items. During the purchase of Brinks safes or locks, you will be provided with the combination and instruction manual. The Brinks combination lock can be complicated to open. If you have experienced a problem to open the lock, refer to the Brinks instruction manual or contact Brinks directly. Here are the steps that you can do to open the locks f you have the combination.

You will need:

  1. Lock combination.



  1. First, spin the dial a couple of times to reset the lock. Set the dial to zero (0).
  2. Then, turn the dial four full clockwise turns. On the fifth turn, stop on the first number of the combination.
  3. Rotate the dial counter-clockwise twice. On the third turn, stop on the second number of the combination.
  4. Next, rotate the dial clockwise once and stop on the third number of the combination on the second turn.
  5. Finally, rotate the dial counter-clockwise to the fourth number before pulling up on the top of the lock to open the combination lock.

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