Killing Bees With Soap

Although bees are nature’s pollinators and are in serious danger from pesticides control, we may still need to get rid of them if they start to settle in your house or near the home area. If you spot a small group of bees in your home, you might want to eliminate them before the bees forming a colony, which can be a big problem. You will have to call a professional exterminator or a beekeeper especially for African or “killer bees”. If you are unable to do so, soap is one of natural and easy ways to deter the bees from colonizing your home; here are the methods on how to kill the bees with soap.

You will need:

  1. Heavy coat.
  2. Long pants
  3. A hat.
  4. A scarf.
  5. Soap of your choice.
  6. A garden hose sprayer.



  1. First, wear a heavy coat, a hat, scarf, and long pants just in case your soapy water does not deter the bees.
  2. Then, put 3 tablespoons of soap in a garden hose sprayer with half full of water. Set it with the highest dose setting.
  3. Test the soapiness before approaching the bees by shaking the mix and spray some of the soapy water. If it is sudsy and good, go ahead and spray the bees and make a fast retreat into your home.
  4. For another method, you can try to put 5 tablespoons of soap in a plastic mop bucket with a quarter full of water and douse the bees with the mixture. This step will work for bees and wasps too. However do not try this step if the colony is large, which more than a dozen of bees or wasps are and if you have any allergies.
  5. It is important to leave the area quickly as the bees that survive will want to attack for some time after you have destroyed the main group.

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