Getting Rid of Rats and Rodents

Pests’ infestation such as rats and other rodents are such a disturbance to any buildings especially in a home. These creatures can bring deathly diseases and can destroy your household furniture and fixtures as well. If you want to make your house pests-free from rats and rodents, here are some of the ways to do it.

Rats and Rodents


  1. Make sure all of your food is sealed as most pests are simply looking for a meal. So, don’t be lazy and try to clean all the spills and avoid foods such as bananas sitting on the counter top.
  2. You can use different types of traps such as multicatch traps, snap traps, glue-board traps and single-catch live traps. But one of the most successful and efficient snap traps is the “expended trigger” trap, which can be set in rats or rodent runaways. You can place baits such as peanut butter and fruits. This type of snap trap is lethal to the rats and rodents.
  3. Cats, dogs and ferrets can be used to control these pests infestation in your home. The cats will attack the pests instinctively as they can be fun to be as pets.
  4. Avoid getting an ultrasonic-sound device. Although this machine produce an irritating and high pitched sound, which is can only be heard by the rodents, they will run away in the short term but eventually when they become accustomed to the noise and turn back again your house.
  5. Make sure to wear protective gloves when you catch a mouse or a rat especially for rodents that look sick and diseased. Or, immediately call the Animal Control and let them deal with the infestation.

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