Fixing your bathroom

Are you tired of seeing the same things in your bathroom? Do you wish you had a different bathroom? Do you have an old bathroom that you are dying to fix but don’t know where and how to start.

Let’s get started by adding and changing the minor details.

If you find your shower space a little too tight, consider adding in a curved shower bar. Shower bars act as a curtain and separator for your shower. In the same way that it gives you space, it also gives you privacy. When picking your own shower bar make sure, it suits your shower and also make sure that it is strong and sustainable. There are a variety of shower bars to choose from. Some people like using the shower bars with curtains, just like in some hotels, some like it with contour curtains and many would like an arc shower. Let’s take a look at what kind of curved shower bars are available.

Flowery Curtain
Most purchased curved shower bars come with its wall mounts and hardware. It is always safe to purchase good quality material that will last you a long time than purchasing something that is cheap and will break the next day. When it comes to bathrooms, safety always comes first. It is preferable that it is made of aluminum. For the bar, you can either purchase a normal and straight one or you can get one of those stylish bars with curvy or rounded shapes. Choosing the right one will add a certain mood to your shower. Next, you will have to decide what type of curtains would you like for your shower? For your chosen curtain, make sure it\’s protectable, smooth, good quality and too long.

Advantages of installing a shower bar:

  • More space inside the shower
  • Different curtains for different seasons
  • A better and stylish shower
  • Installation is faster and easier

It\’s all about enjoying your bath more. Installing process is easy but if you don\’t know your way around then it\’s better to hire a handyman. After your curved shower bar is installed, you will find that you still have the shower but placed in a luxurious setting. The most satisfaction of all comes from the fact that you didn\’t have to reconstruct or rebuild any part of your shower.

Knobs and handles makeover
Ever since you have had this bathroom, the cabinets have been the same. What you can do to change that situation is, give your knobs and handles a makeover. In other words, replace the old knobs/handles with new ones so as to give a whole new look to the cabinets. For this section, all you need is a screwdriver, screws and knobs/handles. Get your new knobs and handles ready. Then, unscrew the old knobs out and put the new ones in with the new screws.

For more information, read our article on Remodeling and changing your knobs.

Towel Rod

Change your towel rod or if you don\’t have one then install a towel rod. If a hook or the door knob is what you have been using all this while to hang your towel then it is now time to get something more convenient, a towel rod. Think about it, no more towels dropping down on the floor or getting stuck in the door. Pictured about are the normal towel rods which make room for a towel. If you are in the mood for something fancier, you can try the wooden towel rod which gives your bathroom a classy look. Having a proper towel rod gives a good impression to your guests who come over and in the same way, it\’s neat. Water won\’t be all over the floor as there will be a towel to dry their hands off when they have just used the sink.

Wooden Towel Rod

You have the option of getting a single towel rod or if you want something fancy, you can purchase one of the examples above. Choose your towel rod based on how big your bathroom is and whether or not, you will need it just to hang the towel or you want one where you will have multiple uses for. You will need an SDS drill to drill a hole in the wall and screws. If you are not familiar with this kind of installation task then it is better to call a handyman to do the honours as if not done properly, the end result or the outcome of the installation might have disappointing results.

Ideas – Shower Head

Are you tired of hearing the sound of water drops coming out of your shower head in the middle of the night? Do you wish you could conserve water and at the same time, pay a small price instead of the big numbers on your monthly water bills? If that\’s the case then it\’s high time you consider changing that shower head of yours. You can try the energy efficient water conserving shower head or simply go for a stylish one if your current shower head is really old.

Shower heads are easy to install if you know your way around hardware tools and materials but if you feel unfamiliar around this subject then the best to do is to call your handyman and have him install it for you.

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