Remodeling and changing your knobs

Knob Makeovers

Decorating your knobs

Tired of looking and opening with the same knob? You might want to put some decorations on it and decorate into a more pleasant knob. Knob makeovers in a way save your pennies as nowadays furniture are very expensive and because of that, people like to keep the same furniture. Now they can still keep their furniture and remodel it to make it look as new. We\’ll get started with knobs as those are the easiest part of furniture to remodel and give a complete makeover.

Drawer Knobs

Here are a few examples on what can be made into a drawer knob or a drawer knob that can be decorated.

Alphabet Porcelain Knob

This is great for parents whose children are at the learning alphabet phase. Parents can decorate the knobs of the kids\’ drawers just as in the picture above. This also adds in to the \’fun-way\’ to study and will make the kids more interested.

How to do it:

  1. Buy a dimensional letter first (sold in stores)
  2. Glue the dimensional letter of your choice at the centre of a porcelain pull.

Wooden Knob

This works for people who are creative and for those who love painting. Here comes the time where you get creative and this time, it is to make a simple wooden knob look creative.

How to do it:

  1. Pick the chosen wooden knob. The knob can be just plain wood without any colours or an already-coloured wooden knob.
  2. If the wooden knob is plain then paint it nicely with your chosen pain or like in the picture above a light yellow/beige color. If your wooden knob is already ready in colour, polish it nicely to remove any spots or dusts that might be on it.
  3. Think beforehand the design that you want on the knob and if it helps, jot down the design on a piece of paper. Then get your colours ready with the painting brush.
  4. Start painting your design on the wooden knob. Recheck before painting for any spots or dusts.
  5. Wait for the paint to dry and your decorated wooden knob is ready to be used.


Before you get started on the whole painting business, make sure to get a piece of old newspaper then start your artwork over it. This will help not to make a mess of the paint.

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
To give a complete new looks to your old kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, you need to follow a few makeover and dress-up tips. You need to first decide into what will you do the change and how. How many do you exactly need, it is always better to buy a few spare ones as you never know what can go wrong. Also, check if your knobs might need or use screws, there are some that don\’t use screws and they are some that do. You need to double-check on that so that you can get the right-matching screws, if needed, for your knobs. On the whole, your knobs, pulls and screws need to match to achieve a successful makeover.

Things that you will need before the makeover:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Knobs and pulls
  3. Cleaning cloth


  1. Unscrew the old knobs and pulls (if there are screws). If you don\’t like wasting then you can keep the screws to be re-used and that can be done if they are not damaged.
  2. Now that the knobs and pulls are out, polish the fronts of the cabinet and drawer so as to have a clean look in this makeover process. This step will also make the drawers and cabinets look as good as new.
  3. Before getting into the installation process, check to see if your new knobs and pulls match the holes that they should fit in.
  4. Afterwards, put/hold the knobs into their matching holes.
  5. Then, insert the screws each into their respective holes by twisting them in and then with your screwdriver, make sure they are tightly in.

When purchasing your knobs and pulls, if you are interested in having a nice coordinated colour in your kitchen then purchase the knobs and pulls that will go with your kitchen design. Knobs and pulls are sold in some places so as to match the design of the cabinet or drawers. If you are unable to find matching knobs and pulls then consider doing a whole drawer or cabinet makeover.

Dresser Knobs

Dressers are very important furniture in our bedroom. Remodeling its knobs would be the easiest job to do as we don\’t have to remove the numerous items in the dresser. Only the outlook of the dresser will slightly change and the change will be felt in our hands when we will be opening the remodeled knobs. When you purchase your new knobs, make sure that they match the holes of the old knobs as most knobs have two holes whereas there knobs that have only one. Confirm that before purchasing new knobs for your dresser. In case, you can\’t find the exact knobs with the right holes then you have the option of purchasing a decorative back so that you can just drill in it the number of holes that your new knobs will need. The same goes for the screws, don\’t forget to get matching screws so that you can throw away the old ones. If you are not planning to purchase new knobs, you can still use the current knobs and remodel or repaint them just as shown in the examples above. Be extra careful when taking them out, when screwing them out as they are old knobs and they might have rusted in time.


  1. Screwdriver
  2. Knobs
  3. Screws


  1. Wooden Knobs
  2. Stainless Steel Knobs
  3. Matching Knobs (that will melt-in with your bedroom design)


  1. Unscrew the old knobs.
  2. Put in your new knobs into the holes.
  3. Lastly, insert the screws each into their respective holes by twisting them tightly in and then with your screwdriver, make sure they are tightly in.

The same methods can be used to remove knobs or pulls from cupboards. If you can\’t reach your cupboard\’s knobs then try by doing the ones that you can reach. Be careful while using a ladder for your tall cupboards. Remodelling your knobs will certainly be not expensive and when you are doing it yourself, you will more likely achieve satisfactory results.

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