Getting rid of rats at your place

2838595375_80d1cc5f1c_m [Desktop Resolution]Rats are among disturbing pests that can be very dangerous to your home and your health. Rats can chew through walls and wires and spread disease that can cause ailments. If these nuisance little devils are sneaking around your home, there are several ways that you can do to make them away; below are some methods that you can do to get rid of rats at your home. Be careful when applying several toxic items mentioned here and wearing safety gloves is the best. You also have to be patient along the process of getting rid of the rats as they can be quite untaken by the bait and might also miss the traps at several tries. If you have small children who like to wander around the house, it is advisable to put the traps and baits in hidden places which can\’t be seen by your children.

What you need:
Rat traps, rat poison, latex gloves, steel wool, peanut butter, dental floss

Here\’s what you do:
Identify the problem around your home area. Rats love dark and damp places so check out for rat holes along the baseboards, cabinets and dark corners. Although they are small, their mighty sharp teeth can chew and squeeze through very small openings, make sure you take notice on the small hole or crack also. To make sure the rats will not continue chewing on the holes; plug some steel wool as it can cut the rat\’s gum. To give a better hold for the steel wool on the hole, squirt some spray foam around the seal.
There is another way to find out if the area of your home is prone to rat infestation, look for rat droppings. That way, you can figure out where the party of rats is hanging out and it will help you to get rid of them more effectively. Where there is food, there are always gatherings of the rats obviously. Instead of boxes, keep unrefrigerated food in plastic storage or containers so the rats can\’t chew on them. Keep the floor around your home clean and tidy because the more open your floors are, less rats will want to wander around.
Think and decide carefully if you think that rat poison will be suitable and a good choice to help you against these rats. Even if you have small children, it is still possible to use poison rats. You just have to place the rat poison carefully in placement. Wall and tall objects are among common places for the rats to move along, so it\’s easier to place the rat poison behind the appliances to keep your children and pets safe from playing or chewing them. Use plenty of rat poison or look at the instructions on the rat poison\’s label on how much dosage per using. The reason is with only small amount of poison, the rat will get sick when ingesting it but they will become poison shy and will stay clear from the poison in the future.
If you think cheese is the most effective way to bait the rats to your trap, think again! Why not place a small dab of peanut butter on rat trap. This peanut butter bait is much easier, inexpensive and more effective than cheese bait. To make it more efficient, wrap some amount of dental floss or thread around the peanut butter. The dental floss will be caught in the rats\’ teeth as they run before the trap snaps. The dental floss and thread becomes an effective tool in getting rid of rats in your home. Alternatives for rat traps are glue traps but it was not often effective to trap full grown rats. But you still can use it for mice or younger rats.

When removing dead rats from your home, always wear gloves on your hands. After that, make sure that you had disinfected the area where you find the dead rats because the rats can carry diseases even in their dead bodies.

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