Types of French doors for your home – A Guide

French door is a stylish and elegant type of door which adds beauty to any home d├ęcor or even provides as a room divider and partition, plus it also can be designed in pairs for creating large entryway when it is opened together. The French door is also known as French windows, or Tru Divided Lite (TDL) French doors due to its designed door which are made of panes or panels of glass known as lites that fits into frames made out of wood, metal or fiberglass. Apart from that, the French doors also comes with pre-hung designed such as a single-door or double-unit, and also can be customized to work as a bi-fold door, bypass door, or pocket door. These days, with advanced technology, the glass used for French doors has been developed with innovations using special-grade glasses which improved its strength and durability that can withstand damages done by weather conditions like thunder storms and hurricane. Below are some of the tips and guidance that can help you choose the types of French doors for your home.

What you need to know about the French door type:

  1. Interior French doors
  2. Exterior French doors
  3. Pocket French doors
  4. Bi-fold French doors
  5. Multi-fold French doors
  6. Sliding French doors


  1. One of the types which are specifically designed is the Interior French doors that are made for adjoining one interior room with another interior room. These types of doors also can be made as partition or wall between two rooms. The Interior French doors can be made of any of the following forms for its door material which includes wood, steel or fiberglass.
  2. There is also the Exterior French doors designed for exterior usage such as the entry door which are more exposed to the weather conditions. Therefore, choosing the right exterior French door need to be wisely done so that in the long term it can withstand any severe weather conditions. The Exterior French door also allows natural sunlight to go through it and at the same time adds beauty to your house. It also comes with tempered glass which provides stronger and more durability than the normal glass, while its door material supports the following forms which include wood (Mahogany, Spanish cedar or white oak), metal or fiberglass.
  3. Another type of French door that you can find is the Pocket French door which can provide great space savers especially for a house that has limited space. The Pocket French door is designed to slide into your house wall instead of it being opened on a hinge.
  4. The French door also comes with a design called the Bi-fold French doors which comes with two to four sections that fold in pairs. The standard and normal size of each of the door is at least 6 feet and it can be opened from either side to enable one of the pairs to be folded or you can fold off both of the sides for two pairs. The French door is normally used for closets rather than a door entrance.
  5. Another type is the Multi-fold French doors which were designed for an area that needs folding doors for covering a much wider area than a standard area, for example, for the usage of room dividers or hall dividers. These types of door usually comes with the available width of between 12-inch up to 42-inch and can be used for any configuration in even numbers.
  6. Last but not the least, are the Sliding French doors which are normally found in balconies especially for limited space area. It is designed for the sliding type of opening or closing and therefore allows for more spacing to accommodate other furniture in that particular area.

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