Gift-Wrapping your Front Door Door

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During any holiday celebrations, every one will try to make a decoration that is unique and eye-catching to the people who see it. One of the ideas is to turn your front entrance into a giant gift-wrapped present where everyone who enters through it will feel the warm of a loving home during the festive season. Below are some tips and ideas in creating gift wrap of your front door for the upcoming festive holidays and it is easy to with only a few materials for you to use.

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Gift wrapping Front Door:
What you need:

  1. 2 yards of holiday wrapping paper or any recycle gift wrap
  2. 50 feet of Garland
  3. Christmas Wreath
  4. Double sided sticky tape
  5. Box cutter


  1. First of all, you need to cover your entire front entrance with your preferred holiday (according to the festive occasions) wrapping paper design. Stick the wrapping paper using double sided sticky tape and for making it much easier, you can use the box cutter in order to do it section by section. Besides that, the box cutter can also be use for cutting out the door knob hole or any window areas of your front entrance (if any).
  1. Use your palm by smoothing over the wrapping paper to make it flatten. Try to be careful when using the box cutter so that you will not leave any marks on the door. Apart from using box cutter, you can also use scissors as a substitute.
  1. Then, you can add garland decorations around the whole outer edge of the door frame, thus making it look like it is in a frame. Place a long length garland from the top door and run it down the centre of the door’s face. Stick the garland using sticky tape so that it will hold on to the door. After that, place a shorter piece of the garland and run the piece horizontally in the middle of the door. Look for the centre point of the garland and take any left over and tie it to make a big bow. Place the bow in the centre and stick it using a sticky tape.
  1. You can also add a Christmas wreath above the garland bow or if the door has window frame, you can place the Christmas wreath on it. This gift wrap door concept can also work with either the back door or to cover up an unused window of your house.

Hopefully you will have a good time in doing the above project during the upcoming festive season thus making it more enjoyable occasion not just for you but also for family members, relatives and friends.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Men OR Top 10 Gift Ideas fro Women

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