Making turkey pot for candies and nuts

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When it’s thanksgivings, there are always turkeys especially for the thanksgivings dinner. Instead of roasted turkey for this thanksgiving, impress your family and friends with this addition of cute and adorable turkey pot for your candies and nuts. The steps are easy and inexpensive as well. You can make this as the decoration for your thanksgivings or as presents to your friends. When the thanksgivings end, you can still use these as decorations to cheer up the places of your house such as at the kitchen counter or at the side table.  Here the steps on how to make your turkey pot;

Materials you need:
Clean small clay pot, felt or craft foam (choose colors that resembles turkey’s feathers such as red, brown and yellow), wiggle eyes, paints, ice cream stick, scissors, hot glue gun.

How to make it:
To make the turkey’s head and neck, cut out 2 identical ovals about 3” by 1” size from brown felt of craft foam. Using a hot glue gun, stick one of the ovals to the outside of the clay pot. The other oval glued on the inside of the clay pot. Make sure the levels of each oval are the same.

Next, cut oval shapes of felt or craft foam to make the turkey’s feather. Cut off from brown, red and yellow felt or craft foam.  Arrange and glue these cut outs on the opposite side of the neck and head by using hot glue gun.

Glue the wiggle eyes on the head to make the turkey face. Cut some red and yellow felt or craft foam to make the turkey’s beaks and waddle.

Finally, you can decorate your turkey pot with a piece of craft foam or felt glued on top of a painted ice cream stick. You can write thanksgivings note with colorful paint. Fill the pot with your choice of candies or nuts.

You can also use this turkey jar as guest place name for the dinner table. Write their names using acrylic markers on the felt or craft form and stick it on a painted ice cream stick. Place the sign stick inside the turkey or glue it to the side of the pot filled with thanksgivings theme colored candies and nuts. So you can help your guests to their seats and also the turkey pot works perfectly as their thanksgivings gifts.

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