Making your own pumpkin candle holder

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Pumpkins always relates to the holidays especially for thanksgivings. Now, you can decorate your house with this easy and simple project using pumpkins. You can find pumpkins easily throughout the autumn season at your food store or at the green market with cheaper price. Try to choose different sizes, colors and feature of pumpkins. The reason is that you can create unique and beautiful pieces of pumpkin decoration. The pumpkin can be used as candle holder to give holiday ambience to your house.  You can place them as centerpieces in the coffee table, in front of your house and along the stairs. This pumpkins lights will jazzes up your holidays and impress the visitors in your house. Here are the steps on how to make it;

You will need:
Pumpkins, small saw (you can find this in hardware or kitchen department store), spoon/ice cream scoops, fine tip marker pen, candle holder

How to make:
First, make sure the skins of the pumpkins are clean from any dirt. Instead, if you washing the pumpkins, it’s important to let them dry completely before you start to core the pumpkins.

Next, draw a circle shape on top of the pumpkin using a fine tip marker pen. The size of the circle depends on you. Make sure the circle that you create will produce a hole that you can place the candle and the candle holder inside later. Carefully, make a cut along the marked circle with small saw to create hole. You can also use fruit knife or chef knife.

Then, scoop off the flesh of pumpkin using spoon or ice cream scoop. You can bring your children to help you to scoop the pumpkin’s flesh. It will be helpful for you and gives fun time for them too. Store the pumpkin flesh in the fridge for other uses such as the filling for pumpkin pie. Scoop the flesh out until you have a hallowed pumpkin with a surface inside suitable to place the candle holder.

Clean the pumpkin and let it dry again before use. Finally, place your favorite candle holder inside and your candle. To make it more interesting, place scented candle such as pumpkin or spices scented candle. You can buy them in any craft or decoration store. The candle will light up your room with extra fragrant fill in the air. Be sure to blow out the candle after use.

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