Making place cards with dried leaves

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Great ideas how to make place cards with dried leaves
Holiday’s season will be abundant with invitation for thanksgiving dinner or get together with family and friends.  Excited to invite your relatives and friends for a marvelous thanksgivings dinner? Then try this project using dry leaves for guest place cards for the dinner table. You will impress yourself on the simplicity and the beauty of this craft. You can easily find the materials in any craft store or even at your house! If you have nice falling leaves from your trees outside, collect them and make dry leaves. No two leaves are the same, so each leaves will give uniqueness to your creation. Here are two ideas on how to make your guest place cards using dry leaves.

  • Materials you need:

Leaves, metallic gel ink pen/ marker, newspapers, paper towels, heavy and big books.

How to make:
Choose fine and clean fallen leaves. Arrange them on a sheet of newspaper. Then, layer on top of the leaves with paper towels. Next, place more leaves on the paper towels and then place again a second paper towels and a sheet of newsprint on top. Repeat the step until you finish placing all the leaves you need for your guest place cards.

Place the leaves pile in a heavy and big books such as the phone book.  Set the book in a dry, airy sport for several days until the leaves are completely dry. When the leaves are dried, write your guest name in each of the leaves by using metallic gel ink pen or marker. You can use silver or gold metallic ink gel for more luxurious and beautiful look.

  • Materials you need:

Fresh or dried fallen leaves, brown card stock (or any color you desire), gel ink pen/marker, scissors

How to make:
First, to make the card, fold pieces of brown or any color of your choice’s card stock in half. Prepare the dried fallen leaves with the same steps mention from the project above.

Then, write each of your guest names on the cards with gel ink pen or markers. You can use any colors you like. Metallic gel ink will give beautiful shine to your guest place card.

Next, using a sharp scissors, make a cut or two indentations about 1 or less than inch wide in the card. You can create the indentation cuts in any suitable angle of the card. Finally, slide in fresh or dried leaves inside the cuts of the cards.

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