Making fruity Christmas balls

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Decorating the Christmas tree is such a big joy for us in the Christmas season. Use oranges as Christmas tree ornaments? Yes you can, with this simple and easy project using oranges. You will find this project is not expensive and simple to make. There are so many types of oranges and they are abundant in holiday seasons so you can buy more cheaply from the green market or food store. The oranges ornaments will look beautiful and at the same time works as scented ornaments for your house. When the celebration is ended, you can still use the oranges for consumption or turn them to marmalade jam. Impress your family and friends with these ornaments by following these easy steps;

You will need:
Fresh and clean oranges, brightly colored satin ribbons (or any color you like), cloves, small branches of rosemary and thyme, star anise, gloves, craft glue.

How to make it:
For first decoration, wrap the oranges by crossing them with brightly colored satin ribbons. You can hang the wrapped oranges on the tree or along your windows.

The other way, use cloves and studded them into the oranges. By wearing gloves, start studding your oranges with cloves. You can create any pattern of cloves studded oranges according to your imagination and creativity. Then finish the look with tying a ribbon and a long ribbon to hang.

To make your scented orange ornaments, stick thyme or rosemary under the oranges. You can also use dried flower or holly to make the oranges more beautiful. The scented oranges can be hanged around the lobby or the tree as they can permeate the fragrant smell.

Other than as decorations, the oranges can be used as fragrant and effective moth to be place in a closet or wardrobe. Stick some star anise on the oranges and put it on your closet. Your closet will smell marvelous.

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