Making your own pipe cleaners Christmas wreaths wreaths

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You can find pipe cleaners in any craft or goods store. The great thing about pipe cleaners is that they came in many colors and sizes so you can use them for crafting. This project on how to make your Christmas wreath using pipe cleaners is simple and easy to make. Also, it is not expansive so you are not burning a hole in your pocket. You can do this project with your children, and surely will bring out the creativity as well. Here how to make it;

Things that you need:
Pipe cleaners, small bows (cloth or velvet type), small bells, craft glue or hot glue,

How to make:
First, take a pipe cleaner and bend it into a shape of circle. You can decide your own the size of your wreath depends on the length of pipe cleaners you have. If you want to make bigger wreath then use longer pipe cleaners and vice versa. The other way if you want to lengthen your pipe cleaners is by attaching them. Take another pipe cleaner and twist the ends of the pipe cleaners together to form a knot. Continue adding another pipe cleaner and twist the end to form knot until you achieve the length that you desire.

Next, start twisting another pipe cleaner with your wreath circle. Keep continuing the same step of twisting the same pipe cleaner all the way until the end of the wreath form. The larger and thicker wreath you want to create, the more amounts you will need for the pipe cleaners.    When you finish, shape them into circle to resemble wreath form. To hold the wreath together, twist the ends together.

Then, untie a red bow and slip a bell on it. Tie the bow and the bell to the top of the wreath. The reason for that so the knot will be hide by the bow and the bell where the ends are twisted together.  You can decorate the wreath with more red bows and bells. You can also let the knots shows when the ends are twisted together. You can decorate or cover the knots and twists with other Christmas ornaments such as glittered stars, holy leaves and berries and any decorations up to your creativity

You can make many sizes of this pipe cleaners Christmas wreath. The bigger size is look great when hang in front of the doors. You can wrap around this pipe cleaners wreath with Christmas lights to look more dazzling.

The smaller size of pipe cleaner Christmas wreath can be use as ornaments for the Christmas tree by knotting a thin silver string on top for hanging. You can also make them to smaller sizes as for wearing. Just put on pin backings by pressing firmly onto the pipe cleaners for sticking.

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