Make your own chenille stem Christmas wreath

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Chenille stem is another name for pipe cleaners. Usually chenille stem is more glittery look and often use for crafting purpose. For this Christmas, instead of buying your Christmas wreath, why not making your own Christmas wreath using chenille stems. You save a lot more and the steps are simple and easy. Its great for family get together project. You can either make it as Christmas tree ornaments or hang it in front of your doors. Here how to make your own chenille stems Christmas wreath;

Things you need:
Red and green Chenille stems (or any color you desire), a large jar or bottle lid, a smaller jar or bottle lid, cardboard, scissors or craft cutter.

How to make it:
First, place a large jar or bottle lid on top of a cardboard. Make a trace around the lid with a pencil to make a wreath template. After the first trace, change the large lid with another smaller lid. Place the smaller lid in the middle of the first trace. Then line the outside of the smaller bottle lid with pencil. Your template should look like an “O” alphabet.

Carefully, cut the outer circle of your template using scissors and the middle circle with craft cutter. You don’t have to worry if your template is not in perfect shape because the chenille stems will cover these up.

Next, start wrapping your wreath cardboard template with chenille stems. You can start with any of your favorite color. For traditional Christmas look, wrap the wreath template with green and red chenille stems. The green chenille stems make a great effect of similar to the pines wreath only that it’s more sparkling. For more vibrant look, try colors that contrast to each other.

When you wrapping the chenille stems around the cardboard template, move the chenille stems closer together to make it neater. By doing so, the cardboard template will not showing through. You can use needle nose pliers to help you while wrapping the chenille stems around the cardboard temple. Repeat the wrapping steps until you covered the entire cardboard template with the chenille stems.

You can wrap the template with green and red pattern or came up with your own creations. There is no limit when it comes to your own creativity. You can finish the wreath with tying small ribbons or gluing bows, little stars or any decorations suitable you can think of.

Finally, you can hang this as Christmas ornaments on your Christmas tree. You can also use this as your Christmas card embellishments. Simply glue around the circle of the wreath and stick it on to a Christmas card.

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