Green Initiatives for Your Home

What\’s green nowadays? Other than forest reserves, you can become a green citizen by reducing your carbon footprint and live a healthier life.

Here are some tips to get your acts together:


Assess the elements of your electrical tools: production materials, energy efficiency, performance, carbon emission and utility bills. Here, observe whether your tools are serving the purposes they are manufactured for in the first place. Take for example, an incandescent bulb. It\’s not such a preferred choice nowadays now because more than half the energy used produces heat when it should be focused on lighting. If you need warmth, get a good heating system instead on relying on lights.

Waste Management

Reuse and recycle. While most things can be recycled, some will require careful disposal so that harmful chemicals will be kept away from our living resources. Take your batteries and Styrofoams to the collection centers. You can also turn your food waste into organic fertilizers.


Consider installing grey water diverters if your have a garden to maintain. This installation will channel the used inhouse waters to water your garden. You are not only saving your bills but also avoid using new water unnecessarily.


If you want to earn some extra money for your home, you are in the right thinking if you choose to recycle your trash which many collection centers are willing to pay for. Besides paper, aluminum and plastics, you can even take old metals found in your garage to a processing plant or collection store which accepts them.


Plant some flora which are indigenous to your locality in your yard. You are not only helping to conserve water, but also produce much needed oxygen in exchange of carbon dioxide from your home. It will even more useful when you surround your plants with mulch to retain the available water so that you don\’t need to pour more than what is necessary.

Life Without Cars

No one is going to judge you just because you choose to walk to your local stores to buy some vegetables. Not everyone is a diva! If the distance is short and it\’s broad daylight, flex your muscles and walk to get what you want.

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