Making Your Own Green Shopping Bag

It\’s stylish. It\’s trendy. It\’s cheap and everyone owns one. Welcome to the craze of green shopping bags.

You are perhaps right to say that shopping bag is like a re-invention of market basket from the good old days before plastic bag was introduced. Owning a shopping bag is definitely worth the while since it is durable and environmental sustainable. It also saves you space at home without being loaded with plastic bags in your cabinet.

If the regular Coles\’ green bag looks boring to you taste, why not put on your creativity and make your one of its kind shopping bag that can also work like a tote? Here\’s how to do it:

Decide the size that you want

It depends how much you usually buy. Choose the range of size of either 12″x14″, 14″x16″ or 20″x24″. Once you have determined the size that you want, it becomes easier to look for materials. You can even mix and match unused fabrics at home to add a little bit of spice.

Put the rectangles together

If you are using cotton fabrics on the outside, baste them to the heavy material to prevent sliding. Then put the right sides together and sew three sides.

Continue sewing

Keep the wrong sides out and miter the corners. Do this by running a perpendicular stitch across the corner so it looks like a triangle. This will allow the bag to stand up on a smooth surface. Next, turn the bag right side out and serge the opening, so that it won\’t ravel.

Make the handles

Fold under the top edge approximately one inch. Pin in place. Cut two pieces of webbing the length of the handles. Then position the handles under the top edge, bring up and pin in place.

The final touch

Stitch ΒΌ inch around the top edge and again near the bottom edge. This keeps the handles in place and adds a nice top stitching.

Now you can proudly show off your bag and save the environment at the same time.

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