Growing Mushrooms

Stir fry, sear, make into soup or even tinned. Mushroom is a type of edible fungus which is popular in each culinary almost entire world. The variety and versatility of mushroom has made them to be produced in mass production. Although, you can buy mushroom in any local store or weekend market, it is not possible for you to grow them by yourselves. There are several methods that you can follow to grow your own mushrooms. What you need is some patience, care and interest on growing mushroom. Here\’s how you can grow your own mushrooms by using several methods below.

  • Mushroom kit

    Generally, when you are buying a mushroom kit, it\’s the \’step four\’ for growing mushroom. A mushroom kit contains earlier steps that have been done by the commercial mushroom grower for you. Inside the kit, you will receive a mushroom culture that is ready to form mushrooms. What you need to provide for your mushroom kit is a moist and cool condition. The mushroom strain that you will be growing can affect the result on how your mushroom forms; either it\’s going to be easy or hard. The easiest mushrooms to plant are the oyster style mushrooms or the scientific name Pleurotus and Hypsizygus families. Another type of mushroom that easy to plant is Lions Mane (Hericium erinacius). The most difficult types to form are the Morels (Morachella) and Maitake (Grifola frondosa). The middle level is the Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes). The Button mushrooms are easy to take care of as long you can retain the temperature steady around 65 degrees F.

  • Purchased spawn

    For step three starter mushroom growers, you can buy the spawn (starter) from a supplier and use that to introduce the growing fungus into an organic material that you have prepared yourself. There are variety possible substrates such as the compost, logs, straw, wood chips and the common sawdust. However, you can also use recycled materials such as the cardboard, coffee grounds, newspaper, and sterilized grain which depends on the species of mushroom you want to grow.

  • Growing your own spawn

    When you have tried growing mushrooms from spawn you\’ve purchased and mushroom kit, you will have a better idea and understanding on whether you want to get fully involved in keeping cultures and growing your own spawn. By this level, you need to be giving more commitment and attention to detail. The early days before peroxide technique are introduced; you have to perform these steps in a sterile work space using a glove box at the very least. When you are using peroxide, it is possible for you to perform the steps within any places with a suitable temperature and light level. Although said, you will also need to learn some basic “sterile technique” which are the procedures for handling cultures to keep them pure.

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