Types of doors

There are so many of types of door that you can choose to compliment your house. You can check in any market, within many price ranges that can suit your budget. When choosing doors, there are several things to consider about interior and exterior door. Check out your nearest home improvement store or hardware stores to see the types of doors available. The following types of door can be your guide on choosing the right door for you.

  • Exterior and interior panel door

    A modern interior wood door with panels usually consists of a vertical stile with horizontal rail framework. It helps to counter the wood\’s tendency to swell, shrink or warp due to the changes of humidity. There are spaces between the frame members can consist of a door panel made from wood, metal or glass.

  • Interior or exterior bifold door

    The character of this door is hinged in the center. When the door opens and closes, half of the door pivots on fixed pins while the other half slides along a header track secured to the head jamb.

  • Exterior or interior sliding door

    Instead of swinging open, an interior or exterior sliding door is the one that slides open. Sliding doors open horizontally by use of overhead trolleys or bottom wheels whether single or double leaf.

  • Folding door.

    This is another type interior door which opens by folding back in sections.

  • French door

    These types of door have rectangular panes of glass that extend the full length of the door. Usually, these doors hung in pairs on one frame. There is also the special and well-known interior or exterior double French door design with both doors opening outward.

  • Interior or exterior double door

    These doors consist of two vertical doors that meet in the middle of the door frame when closed. They will swing open to allow entry. The doors also consist of standard sized or wider door units.

  • Exterior or interior prehung door

    Although it can cost you more, the door installation units are all completely available which is included of door hinges and jamb, casing moldings, stop and sometimes latches. These will help you to install the door by yourself as all in one precisely made component.

  • Sliding glass door

    This type of door consists of one or more panels that move horizontally on a track or in roller type grooves. Patio door is one of the most popular of all the choices. Another type is the one that opens in the backyard. There are many other types of doors available in various designs and made from different materials. These include custom-made exterior door and interior door options from a long list. The door installation difficulty levels depend on the door material, size, weight type, and the condition of the door.

  • Security door

    This type of door consist of a hallow metal construction design that can stop forced entry. Usually, security door is use for commercial purposes. However, many home owners choose security door as they entry door for their home for safety purpose.

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