Growing indoor mushroom kit

Indoor mushroom kit can help you to produce home grown mushroom supply for all year round even during winter time. The best thing that you won\’t need a big space, hence the name \’indoor mushroom kit\’ which means that it can be done inside your home. Mushrooms can get into any dish used in any multitude of ways. Unlike regular garden vegetables that are produced by seeds, mushrooms are produced by spores underneath the cap. The microscopic bodies are far smaller than the tiniest seeds. They are also produced from germinated spawn which are the threadlike mycelia grown in a specially prepared medium. Think of the spawn as the seedlings and the spores as the seed. Here are the methods on how to grow your own mushroom kit in your home.

  • Things to get you started

    The most convenient and reliable way to start your own growing edible fungi is with an easy-to-use mushroom kit. Generally, the kit will consist of a cardboard box or perforated bag that contains pre-inoculated media for growing mushrooms, and all the ingredients that you need to get started. Most of the kits will produce several crops within a period of 8 to 15 weeks which depends on the type of mushroom. The price of mushroom kits may vary according to the species and manufacturers.

  • Cool and damp temperature

    Bathroom, kitchen, garage and basement, unused cabinet, shower, and underneath the kitchen sink are among the primer indoor mushroom growing locations that you can use. You don\’t have to get a big space for your mushroom kits. However, you need to create a near darkness, humid environment within 70 to 80 percent which is ideal for mushroom growth. While for the temperature, keep it between 55 to 70 degrees.

  • Light control

    There should be no direct light for the area where the kits inhibit. Some types of mushroom such as the oyster mushrooms might need some filtered or indirect light to produce. White mushrooms, cremini and Portobello mushrooms however need complete darkness to produce. Any amount of light will cause them to develop dark brown caps.

  • Types of mushroom to grow

    Oysters, wine caps and various button type mushrooms are suitable and the easiest types of mushroom to grow inside your home. You can also grow your own cremini and Portobello mushrooms as long you are following the right methods. You can also purchase the Shiitake mushroom kits for indoor growing. The kit contains the same materials such as the cardboard that contains pre-inoculated media.

  • Miscellaneous

    The key of growing mushrooms kit is keeping the moisture and constant humidity crucial for mushrooms to develop and grow. Avoid dry air that can be quickly lead to the downfall of any mushroom growing endeavors. The medium should be kept moist but not so much that it will become wet and soggy. A water filled bottle for a daily misting will help to provide needed moisture and help to maintain a humid environment. Using an electric fan will also increase the air circulation with constant flow of air.

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