Installing a wireless doorbell

A doorbell becomes an important part of your home when it comes to informing you when your guests or unexpected visitors come to visit. You will simply not know that there are people outside of your house if you don\’t have a doorbell. It is possible for you to install the doorbell by yourself, so you can save more money rather than employing anyone to fix your doorbell. Here is one of the easiest and simplest electrical projects which you can do by yourself. For a beginner, the easiest form of installing a doorbell is if there is not already one fitted. Consider buying a wireless doorbell if you don\’t have one. Make a visit to your local hardware store or home improvement store to ask the types of wireless doorbell available. Do not resist yourself asking for questions if you are in doubt of what you are searching because you are the one who going to install it by the way! Below are the methods that will help you to install it.

  • Wireless doorbell

    It is a radio transmitter and receiver which mean you don\’t need to use wires to connect the two units together. There are several advantages of using wireless doorbell. Among them are for the people with poor hearing. If you are suffering from hearing problem then you can use more than one receiver plugged into different electrical outlets around the house. So whenever you are in the house, the receivers will let you hear the bell. Other advantage is that this doorbell does not require any wiring and are powered by a small battery. The batter usage also lasts for a very long time. Wireless doorbell is quicker to replace than the wired doorbell. The only time you will spend the most is searching and choosing the finish of alarm you want to use.

You have a few options when your old bells have broken and you need to replace it. Simply get rid of the wires and install the wireless doorbell if you don\’t have time. Replacing wired to wireless doorbell is easy and simple. Assuming that the wire itself is not damaged, the only tools that you need are:

  • A new bell push
  • A screwdriver
  • A wire strippers

The first thing that you have to do before replacing the doorbell is to turn off the electricity. Although some doorbells are low voltage (12 volts), but if you don\’t have the clue of the voltage for your doorbell then it is advisable to shut off the electricity.

Next, take off the old bell push. You just have to remove the screws and pull the switch off. Then, pull the wires out and throw away the old switch. Trim the wires and strip some of the insulation off them if required. In the new bell push, connect the wires into it and then tighten the terminals. You don\’t have to worry which part to do first as it will work either way around. After that, fix the new switch and push the wires back through the holes so that it fits flush against the doorframe. Finally, turn on the electric source and test your doorbell switch to see if it works.

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