Remodeling your bathroom in less $100

Feeling that your bathroom is already not interesting and outdated? The best way to banish the problems away is by remodeling your bathroom. However, the thought of having no time and budget constraint has avoided you from remodeling your bathroom. Fear not, you can still remodel your bathroom and transform the room in less than $100. This project is perfectly suitable for small to medium size of bathroom. Here are the steps and things that you need to start up on remodeling your bathroom.

Things that you need:

  • 1 can of paint for vanity
  • 1 can paint for walls
  • 1 can paint for trim
  • paint roller
  • three brushes
  • new blinds for the window
  • valance


  1. Determine three colors that you would like to have in your bathroom. Too many colors will spoil the focus of your creation and at the same time will increase your budget as well. The three colors will be applied each for the walls, to the vanity and to the trim.
  2. For example, if you like vibrant yet modern style approach, choose brick red color for the walls, black for the vanity and white for the trim. You have to make sure that you like how the colors will fit together when its combine before applying the colors that you will use to remodel your bathroom.
  3. Then, start your journey to any local Walmart or hardware store to purchase paint, painter\’s tape and brushes. When it comes to paint, it can be very expensive according to the quality and brand. If you want to remodel your bathroom for less than $100 budget, you have to find a source for the paint that offers high quality paint without sacrificing your greens a lot.
  4. Try to find the most affordable paint you can. Most Walmart or big stores carries gallons of paint for under $14 each, depending on the places you live. A single gallon of paint should be sufficed for you to paint the bathroom walls for two coats. For a smaller can of paint, you will receive fewer prices than the large tin. You can use the smaller tin to paint the vanity and the trim of your bathroom.
  5. A collection of paint brushes, roller and tape can be purchased for under $15 total. However, you can ask your friends to borrow these tools if they have it, so this will lessen your use of budget.
  6. Before beginning to paint, you can take a picture of your bathroom. It will help you to remember the display for before and after photos to show the differences. Apply the painter\’s tape to the ceiling, floor and trim before painting on them. You might have to spend time and a screwdriver to remove the hardware from your vanity but the end look will look much more polished.
  7. For the vanity, you can paint a dark and semi gloss paint as it can help to minimize or erase pre-exiting dents, smudges and chips. Black or any dark color is the best color you can use to mask the flaws in an existing vanity.
  8. Then, using a small brush at first, apply one coat of paint to alternate the floor tiles. This step is optional not a must. In order to create continuity in your bathroom, use the same color that you chose to paint for your vanity.
  9. Apply a second coat of paint to all areas beginning with the walls. If your walls are previously painted in dark color, you might want to apply a third coat of paint. The fastest and easiest way to help you on drying the paint at the vanity and the floor is by using a hairdryer.
  10. Next, apply a coat of white paint to trim and reinstall vanity hardware. White trim can brighten up your bathroom and impose a clean look. You can replace the pulls on your vanity if you have extra money left on your budget. You can search good bargains on this product at Home Depot or any stores that provides reasonable prices.
  11. Finally, add new blinds and valance if your bathroom contains a window. You don\’t have to find wooden blind because faux wood blinds are now available at stores such as Home Depot, Walmart or try finding them in thrift store. If you still have extra money in your budget, you can further upgrade your bathroom with an additional shower curtain and a new mirror.

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