Growing perfect tomatoes

Among popular fruits which many people love to grow in their garden during the summer months is the tomatoes. Although tomatoes are easy to grow, still not many of us can successfully grow large bushes and vines covered with lush, big and bright red tomatoes. If you want to know how to grow the perfect tomatoes for your summer salads and salsa, here are the steps.

Things that you need:

  1. Tomatoes seeds
  2. organic matter
  3. water


  1. First, you need to find the suitable site for your tomatoes planting. An area with a great coverage of sunlight is the best for planting the tomatoes. They will grow healthier with plenty of sunlight provided.
  2. Next, make sure that the soil you are going to use is the best and suitable for the plants. Tomatoes grow best in crumbly, very dark loam soil. You can try to treat dry and thick-like soil back to life. However, if you have a good soil, there is nothing much you need such as adding fertilizer to it.
  3. One beneficial step for your tomatoes planting is adding organic matter to your planting hole. The choice for organic matter that you can use are manure matter. You can also adding Epsom salts to the planting holes as one of the nutrients enhancement trick.
  4. To add magnesium to the soil for the tomatoes, add one or two tablespoons of Epsom to the planting holes. Plants which lack of calcium tend to be prone to diseases. If you want to avoid this happening to your tomatoes plants, add crushed egg shells for calcium to the soil.
  5. Make sure that your tomato plants get enough water. For maintenance, look out for blossom-end rot.

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