Repotting your roses

Every third year, you should repot your roses to maintain the plant\’s growth and health. The best time to repot your roses is towards the end of the autumn season when the day temperature has come down. By the middle of October, this is the most preferably time of pruning to your roses. Here are steps on how to repot your roses.

Things that you need:

  1. Secateurs or sharp knife
  2. pebbles/bricks/crocks
  3. soil manure mixture
  4. oilcake or activated sludge


  1. First, prune the roses in pots to remove any unnecessary branches or flowers. Turn the rose pot along with the plant upside down.
  2. Then, ask someone to help you to hold the rose plant with the soil. Ask your helper to give a little jerk towards the rose plant. The rose plant with the whole soil mass will slip out of the rose pot.
  3. Let the roses along with the soil mass to rest on the ground. Remove any crocks and pebbles from the bottom. Use a secateurs or sharp knife to cut the long and thick roots trying to come out from the soil mass.
  4. Next, scrape off a little soil from all sides of the soil root mass. Clean the rose pot with water accordingly and let to dry. Use pieces of pebbles, crocks or bricks to make a layer to cover the drainage hole of your rose pot. If your old pot cannot accommodate the rose plant anymore, buy a larger pot to suit the rose plant size.
  5. After that, you can prepare a fresh quantity of soil-manure mixture. Then, transfer the rose plant along with the remaining soil mass to the rose pot. Sprinkle over the surface a layer of one handful of oilcake or activated sludge on top of the soil.
  6. Maintain your rose plant by enough watering and sunlight.

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