Guides on Using Bathtub Jacuzzi Jets


Bathtub Jacuzzi jets is also known as whirlpool spas or hot tubs to some of us, which is a nice item to have in your house if you can afford them. The forceful water and air mixture produced by the Jacuzzi jets would be able to help create Hydrotherapy especially for your muscle and joints. Apart from that, it also enables you to direct the water flow on specific joints and muscles that requires therapy after a hard days work or whenever you return from your daily exercise within the relax environment of your own bathroom. You would be able to control the flow and energy of the water in order to provide a variety of level for reducing the pain and also relief the stress for you or your family members. In addition, this Hydrotherapy practice from using your bathtub Jacuzzi jets enables you to increase your blood flow especially to those affected areas, which are often stiff and help you relief your joints and muscles so that they can move smoothly.

To use bathtub Jacuzzi jets, you need:

  • Hot tub with locking cover
  • Spa chemicals appropriate for your hot tub
  • Dry towels

Using Bathtub Jacuzzi Jets

Guides on Using Bathtub Jacuzzi Jets

  • First thing that you need to do is to rinse the bathtub out once you have finished doing the initial installation.
    • This is to make sure that the tub is clear of any construction debris or other unwanted materials.

    For those of you who have long hair, make sure that you tie your hair in a ponytail style so that you can avoid your hair from being caught in the filter or the drain.

  • Then, you have to close your bathtub drain in order for the water to not be drained out once it enters the bathtub.
  • You should fill the tub with a combination of hot and cold water according to your desired temperature.
  • Next thing to do is to turn on the Jacuzzi timer for your pump according to clockwise manner to turn it on.
    • Then, the water in the tub will circulate together with the air through the Jacuzzi jets.
    • You can enter the tub to test the water by sitting in the water.
  • You must ensure that you manage to direct the flow of the hydrotherapy jets
    • To target on your muscles which are painful or hurting
    • Then, you can place your finger inside the opening of your Jacuzzi jet so that you would be able to move the jet spray either to the left or right as well as up and down making you in control of the flow of the water.
  • After that, you need to grip your Jacuzzi jet using your thumb and forefinger so that you would have full control of the water flow and also its pressure.
    • Next, you have to turn the Jacuzzi jet in a clockwise manner in order to reduce the intensity of the water. If you want to increase the water flow intensity, you simply turn it back counterclockwise.
  • You can also decrease the water flow of your Jacuzzi jets by turning the air control knobs clockwise while in order to increase the flow of your Jacuzzi jet, you can turn its air control knobs counterclockwise.

For those of you who want to add additional period of time when doing the therapy, you only need to turn on the timer located on the pump with clockwise manner.

  • Finally, if you do not want to use the whirlpool anymore, you have to turn off the Jacuzzi timer manually.
    • The Jacuzzi timer can be found on the pump and you can turn it off simply by turning it counterclockwise.
    • You can even wait for the timer to automatically end the session.
    • You will notice that some of Jacuzzi bathtubs are designed with preset times for specific cycles that you want to use but others really need to be turned manually either when you want to use as well as closing them off.

You should not leave your children especially if they under 12 years old idle inside the bathtub Jacuzzi. If you want to let them bath inside the tub, make sure that the hot tub’s water is warmer that your bath water with at least 90 degrees while for adults you need to maintain the water temperature just below 104 degrees.

Always remember that whenever you want to use your bathtub Jacuzzi jets

  • Make sure that you close some of the jets, which are not directed to a person allow you to supply extra water pressure from the open jets in order to create a deep tissue massage.
  • Always start your bathtub Jacuzzi session from the lowest water, air pressure and volume level before starting to increase the pressure gradually. If you start to do whirlpool therapy with high pressured water and air, it can brought bad impact and harmful to your muscles and joints.
  • You must remember that the idea of having hydrotherapy is for you to reduce the pain on your muscles and joints gradually in a specific time.
  • You should not close all the jets that are not in use at one go because you will end up increasing the water pressure behind each of the jets within the system and resulted to failure of the pump.
  • If you notice that you hot tub do not come with a digital thermometer, you have to purchase a floating thermometer so that you can monitor its temperature.
  • Ensure that your bathtub is always clean. Make use of spa-approved chemicals if you want to kill off bacteria in the bathtub.
  • Always keep all chemicals that include total alkalinity and pH in an appropriate range. This is to enable you to clean your bathtub Jacuzzi and improve the efficiency of your sanitizer in order to prevent any kind of skin disease.
  • Ensure that you use soap and water before and after you use the bathtub Jacuzzi.
  • You must be extra cautious when using the bathtub Jacuzzi especially during winter season because if the outdoor temperature is low and freezing, the water that splash out of your hot tub can easily freeze and turn into slippery ice.
  • Whenever you notice any lightning, or if there is any kind of threatening weather, you should immediately stop using the bathtub Jacuzzi and exit from the tub. Ensure that you and your family members know how to turn off the jet’s emergency pump when the need arise for safety precautions.

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