Simple Way to Remove Bathtub Stopper


When it comes to bathtub drains, there are several basic types of it that you should know like foot lock, roller ball, lift and turn, pop-up and plunger. You must always ensure that you identify correctly which are the types you are using before you can start removing the bathtub stopper. For bathtub that does not come with a trip lever, it will normally have either a roller ball, foot lock or a lift-and-turn tub drain. For a smoother type of stopper, it will not have a handle in the middle of it but it has a foot-lock drain. If you are using a roller-ball drain, you will find a handle right in the center of it that allows you to push down and also pull it up. As for twist-and-turn drains, you will find it has similarity to roller-ball drains, however you need to twist the stopper in different ways in order to open as well as closing it. Whenever you find a tub designed with a trip lever that enables you to raise or even lower its stopper from your overflow plate, you will notice that it usually uses either pop-up or a plunger drain. You should also remember that pop-ups are made of a visible stopper which is not the same for plunger drains.

To removing bathtub stopper, you need:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Paper towel
  • Wash cloth
  • Channel locks or adjustable wrench

Removing Your Bathtub Stopper

Simple Way to Remove Your Bathtub Stopper

  • First thing that you can do is to remove a foot lock, roller-ball or lift-and-turn tub drain.
    • Whenever you see the stopper in an up position, you have to grasp the stopper’s body and proceed to turn it counterclockwise.
    • The above technique will only work if your foot-lock and roller-ball plugs do not have screws securing them.
  • If your stopper is being secured by screws, you need to lift the stopper up while the stopper is still in the up position.
    • Make sure that you turn it until you managed to notice a small screw which is the ‘set’ screw used for securing the stopper.
  • In order to loosen up the set screw, you have to use a screwdriver.
    • You do not have to remove the screw from its original location. You just need to loosen up the screw to allow you to remove the stopper.

When you are treating any stubborn clog or even repairing as well as changing your bathtub stopper, it is important for to identify the type of your bathtub stopper first before attempting to remove it from your bathtub.

  • Once you have done the second step, you would be able to lift the stopper.
    • If you still could not lift the stopper off, you have to twist the stopper counterclockwise right until you are able to do so.
  • The next step is to remove the stopper from your pop-up bathtub drains.
    • In order to do that, you need to place the trip lever enabling the stopper to be open.
  • After that, you need to pull the stopper up, wiggle it a little bit so that you would be able to remove the stopper and also other components beneath your drain.
  • Then, you have to remove the screws from its cover plate of your trip lever in order to overflow the drain.
    • Next, you can proceed by pulling the trip lever along with other remaining components away from your overflow drain.
  • For removing the stopper from your plunger tub drains, you need to locate the screws that secure your trip lever.
    • Next, you should remove all the screws that secure the cover plate of your trip lever.
    • Once finished unscrewing, you can pull the trip lever out of the wall.
    • Then, you would be able to remove the bathtub stopper which is actually located inside the pipe.

    Always remember that whenever you want to remove your bathtub stopper and find it difficult to do so especially when you want to remove its cover nut,

    • You should firstly apply an apple cider vinegar around the bottom area of the cover nut and leave it there for a few minutes. By using vinegar you would be able to remove any kind of sediment found around the cover nut. After a few minutes, you can try to remove the nut cover manually or even use the wrench method.
    • Another tip that you can use is to place the pop-up stopper down and start to fill your tub with hot water so that it will covers your pop-up bathtub stopper. This method will help you to remove stuck cover nut. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before you can proceed in removing the nut manually or use the wrench method.

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